My “life kit” as a vagabond evolves and upgrades the longer I travel and the more I live a life nomadic – this is my latest loadout carry system.

One does not need a home full of things to live. Just like ancient times, all we need is what we can carry on our backs. I’ve been living and traveling the world this way and have never been more comfortable or complete.”     -John Cain

These 2 bags contain the entirety of my immediate possessions. That is, everything I need to not just survive, but to thrive as a completely location independent and erratically mobile man.

I own some real estate and a permanently leased apartment in NYC with “stuff” but I’ve effectively been a homeless person since 2012 – save for the once or twice a year I chill in a single city for long(er) term.

Wherever I go and however long I may stay, I always pack minimally with no more than 2 + 1 bags.

My previous system was the FAST Pack EDC and Mobility EDC Pack with a total volume of about 33 liters. On occasion, I used the Arc’teryx Carrier Duffel (which itself is packable) for temporary additional storage or to carry everything as a single unit.

This new loadout carry system is 2 bags with a total volume of about 40 liters. I have more things to carry but now I don’t need a third bag as this system’s carry capacity can double, on demand and on the fly

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Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 /// Vinjatek

The Cargo //

I’ve searched far and wide for years for the perfect duffle bag. I settled with The North Face Base Camp and the aforementioned Arc’teryx. Both are outstanding but they were just not perfect enough to be one of my primary “life kit” bags.

But then one of you fine Pro Members put me on to Piorama, a small startup that made the perfect duffle bag, at least for me, The Adjustable Bag A10.

As the name suggests, the actual capacity of the bag can be adjusted from 31 to 46 to 62 liters. Many bags offer expanding capacity, but nothing like this, and nothing this seamlessly functional.

At most times, my system will use the 31 liter “setting” but filling it up to just 90 percent or so. Most of my gear and supplies will be here. My closet, if you will.

I will also check this bag for flights. Many so-called master travelers brag about how the only way to travel like a pro is without checked baggage. I felt that way years ago, but trust me, when you’re all but living at airports, you want to minimize “walking carry”.

Also, I have too many prohibited items nowadays to bother with security checkpoints.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout /// Vinjatek

The Go-Bag

Again, as with duffle bags, I’ve been searching for the perfect mini-tactical backpack for years. They barely exist, so I made my own using a Camelbak Hydrobak then this. But neither really did it for me.

Then Triple Aught Design came out with the FAST Pack Scout. It’s just 15 liters and fitted for agility and minimalism. My favorite rucksack of all time.

The term “go-bag” doesn’t refer to the bag itself but to the content, the kit it’s specified for. But with this pack, it is THE go-bag – as I’ll be using it for everything.

During travel / transit, it will contain a full change of clothes, laptop and all my most important items.

The entire contents can be packed into the duffle bag then specifically packed to use for whatever purpose I need it for; treks, ops, training, short trips, etc.

When flying, this will always be with me while the duffle bag is checked. It’s strategically packed so that I have provisions in case the duffle is lost or delayed.

Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 /// VinjatekThere were times when I wanted to have everything in one place, now I can without having a separate but mostly unused bag like in my previous system.

The Adjustable Bag A10 when expanded to its full size, the FAST Pack Scout fits perfectly in there along with the original contents of the duffle bag itself.

Vinjatek Loadout Carry System ///

The reviews for the duffle bag and pack are in the works but I highly recommend them both right now.

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  1. Specialist Zero Reply

    Thanks for the explanation on how you do it. Sad to see the EDC go but that duffle looks pretty legit.

  2. Looking forward to the Fast pack Scout review, been eying that for a while.

  3. As a proud owner of a Fastpack Scout, I wondering which kind of pouches do you use on top of your shoulder straps? Mag Pouches? Tool Pouches? TAD Gear or “NoName”?

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