If a standard carabiner is a tool for carry, then the Heroclip is a multi-tool for multi-carry. It’s the transforming “Swiss Army Knife” of carabiners.

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“We invented a special hooked carabiner that allows you to gather, fasten and hang your stuff where you need it.”     -Heroclip

The Heroclip ///

The 2 primary functions of the Heroclip have long been invented and perfected with countless product offerings; a device that holds things to other things and a device that holds a bag to a stationery thing.

However, none have fused these seemingly similar but actually distinct tools into a single uniform tool like Heroclip… It holds and carries like a pro.

With the amount of gear I run through and test out, I’m rarely ever truly impressed with innovation, it’s a rare thing. Quality and craftsmanship is easy to achieve as it just takes money. Real innovation takes not only money, but a new idea that can make a positive impact to the world.

Sometimes this impact is global and sometimes it just makes a small portion of someone’s world around them a little better. Such as myself, a person who lives out of their backpack, a carrier of gear.

Heroclip with FAST Pack Scout Backpack and LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots /// Vinjatek

I almost always carry the Arcus Carabiner around for various EDC purposes but the Heroclip greatly expands my options of carry and hanging.

The versatility and flexibility of the Heroclip lets me hang almost anything to almost anything while attaching almost anything to it.

The Heroclip is like velcro with the world its sticky counterpart. This is a big deal for someone who so frequently has bags on them. It solves a problem that most people don’t know they had until they realize they just solved it with the Heroclip.

A bag, any bag, is meant to be carried or worn on you but it’s not always ideal. Sometimes you want to or need to separate it from yourself and hang it.

At the same time, you have a bit of kit that can’t fit in your bag or you’ll want to use on the fly so it’s best to have it attached to your bag for easy access.

But it goes further than bag-to-item and bag hanging. It can be a simpleton carabiner or hang almost any item within reason for countless purposes.

This is the what this is for and it does it damn well.

Herclip Hanging LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots /// Vinjatek

Heroclip Hanging a Backpack Hanging Boots /// Vinjatek

Heroclip Hanging a Backpack /// Vinjatek

At first glance, the Heroclip looks like an attractive albeit needlessly over-engineered carabiner so it takes a moment to realize what the extra bits are.

Every gram of steel, rubber, polymer and aluminum has a strategic purpose to make this a powerful utilitarian device without taking away its looks.

It can be used as-is as a normal carabiner without any changes. The “hook” can be released and rotated completely along its 2 joints for endless ways to hang or attach to or from itself or something else.

Despite the moving parts and use of plastic, this thing is tough and I feel confident about its durability and usability for rugged and prolonged use.

Somehow it’s still lean, low profile and light. This is not only innovative but high quality made gear.

Heroclip Hanging a Toughbook and a VSSL /// Vinjatek

Heroclip Carabiner// $19

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  1. Got me one after your Instagram post… Most memorable use so far? Hanging my backpack off the toilet door at the airport! Saved my pack though cuz the floor was flooded!!! NICE

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