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Vagabonding Clothing Concept - VinjatekThe active and adventurous nature of the vagabonding + world travel lifestyle requires a certain approach to everyday wear. – #menswear

The clothing I wear is like a nomadic uniform. It’s functional, stylish and designed to perform specifically to my needs and the demands of high activity.

-John V Cain

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*This clothing concept was developed while continuously traveling the world for the past few years. Experimenting and testing variations of wear, fabric materials, modifications and brands.

Vagabonding Jacket - Clothing Guide


Not a heavy coat and certainly not a parka (unless regionally necessary) but a thin and lightweight jacket. Preferably water resistant or at least a quality windbreaker.

Ideal for a variety of travel situations in most climates; storms in the tropics, chilly airplane cabins and even mild winters (layering).

PRO TIP :   The most ideal jacket for vagabonding is one that’s easily packable in a daypack or even within itself.

Vagabonding Shirt - Clothing Guide


The best shirt / sweater material is ‘merino wool‘, it’s an enhancement of cotton in every way. It also exceeds some of the features of hi-tech synthetic fabrics with the added benefit of a natural material.

For full time world travel I pack just 4 t-shirts and 2 long sleeves, all merino wool. Still looking good with little signs of wear after 2 years.

PRO TIP :   Shirt colors should match to go well with other articles of clothing to maximize versatility.

Vagabonding PANTS - Clothing Guide


Quality nylon or ripstop synthetics are great for travel / adventure; tough, breathable, lightweight, packs small and drys fast. Subtle or fashionable cargo pants are superb for a vagabond’s everyday wear.

As a minimalist, I pack just 2 pairs of different cargos, a pair of tactical slacks and swimming trunks.

PRO TIP :   Denim jeans and thick sweatpants should not be equipped; they are heavy, take up too much space and dries slow.

Vagabonding UNDERWEAR - Clothing Guide


The Give-N-Go Sport Brief by ExOfficio is the most perfect underwear for travelers. Their proprietary fabric is comfortable, highly odor + stain “shielded”, wear resistant and dries fast.

I’ve had 4 pairs of these as part of my packing list for the past 2 years with none of them needing replacing anytime soon.

PRO TIP :   If a laundry machine is unavailable, wash these in the sink and they’ll be dry within hours.

Vagabonding SOCKS - Clothing Guide


Like shirts, merino wool is amazing as socks but tend to be costly and need replacing more often than any other article of clothing. You don’t have to be too picky with socks even with vagabonding, as long as they fit well and are clean.

Don’t bother packing a lot of socks, just replace them as needed while traveling, it’s easy to find cheap but decent ones anywhere.

PRO TIP :   Keep a pair of thick and quality socks only to use for hiking or other strenuous activities.

This is a “living out of a backpack” basic system for a 3 season, indefinite world travel packing list for clothing.

[The featured photo was taken at Taipei, Taiwan.]

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Merino wool is the shit! amazing material for travel and everyday use.


All blacked out clothing for Mister John! So you!!! haha

J. Wright

If you use a garbage disposal bag (tear resistant) as a pack liner, you can stuff all your gear inside and roll down the top for a rain proof solution. When you have wet gear, pack it inside the pack but outside the liner.

Felipe Fenton

What kind of shoes do you travel with? Do you use goretex/waterproof shoes at all?

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