This is a journal series of posts on specific days of my life as a nomad. Written in or near real time as the day occurred in Cambodia and Vietnam.

“People wait all week for Friday. All year for summer. All life for happiness… I travel.”

Today is August 26 of the year 2018 and it is the 2216th day of my nomadic lifestyle. My current location is Siem Reap en route to Saigon.

Vagabonding Destination Map: Vietnam /// Vinjatek

I’ve been in Siem Reap just shy of 2 months and it’s been real. While this city offers much beyond the famed Angkor Wat, there’s only so much to do and see. So I’m out today to go to Saigon, Vietnam.

Cycling in Siem Reap, Cambodia /// Vinjatek

Much like Amsterdam, bikes dominate the streets because the city is so perfectly tuned for cycling. Instead of renting, I bought a bike when I first got here and am on my way to selling it, it will be missed. Good bye Bikey, you’ve been a good companion.

I highly recommend this mode of transport if you come to Siem Reap, but hailing tuk-tuks for $1 – $2 rides anywhere within the city is not bad either.

Noodle Soup Lunch at Siem Reap, Cambodia /// Vinjatek

My 15+ hour bus to Vietnam leaves at 11pm so I have time for one last meal with my girl, as she leaves to go home. But we’ll see eachother again soon in Saigon. We are having our favorite dish here, beef noodles.

FYI, Khmer (Cambodian) food is nothing exceptional so don’t expect much – it is crazy cheap though. However, the foods in Saigon is some of the best in the world.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Backpack Go-Bag Loadout /// Vinjatek

And now we go. My trusty FAST Pack Scout accompanying me so it’s within reach while my big bag is down below in the bus storage. This is why a vagabond should always travel with a dual bag system

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It’s not just so that you have a bag if the other gets lost, but it’s also about usability – there was no way I would have been comfortable with my big bag cramping my space while on a long ass journey through shitty roads.

Tiger Beer on top of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Arrived and checked in, time for a victory Tiger beer on the rooftop bar of my hotel. Cheers.

Sunland Saigon Capsule Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

This capsule room at Sunland Saigon Hotel is my “home” for the next few days until I find an apartment. Not bad for just $15 a night. Good night fellas.

If I could only recommend 10 cities to visit in the world, Siem Reap would be one of them, even if only for the Angkor Wat Temples. You’ll be set with just 3 days.

While I was here, I confirmed the viability of the go-bag I placed here from years before. I also took a photo of the locale of which I’ll be posting soon as part of the Scavenger Hunt clues for you pro members.

[Featured gear: Ghost S and Ghost 4K cameras by Drift and the Dopp Bag by Grid Zero.]

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  1. You inspire me so much that Ive been planning and preparing to live like a vagabond as yourself. I’m almost ready to leave for Bangkok, as you first did. Thank and I look forward to more of your adventures and stories.

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