///   6 Illegal Activities You Can Legally Do Abroad

Selfie w/ a Tiger in Chiang Mai, Thailand /// VinjatekIllegal activities by nature are thrilling and often fun experiences but with travel, you can do some without legal risk or societal disruption.

Whether you agree with certain laws or not, you should abide by them. But what if some of those illegal activities are just too fun, interesting, tempting and possibly harmless to society to pass up? That’s why we have travel, where you can do many of those things legally.

-John V Cain

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Fire Bazookas and Grenades in Cambodia // Illegal Activities

Fire Bazookas and Machine Guns in Cambodia

There’s a rumor in the backpacking world that you can fire an RPG at a live cow in Cambodia.

Well I can verify that is indeed true. I won’t recommend that you kill for pleasure but if you want some intense excitement, go fire some rounds with various machines guns and even lob grenades at inanimate objects.


PRO TIP : You may or may not be asked to sign a death waiver, in any case, I don’t think your world travel insurance will have you covered, legal or not.

COST: $30 USD + For Varied Weapons

Buy and Smoke Marijuana in America /// Illegal Activities

Buy and Smoke Marijuana in The United States

Everyone knows how weed friendly Amsterdam is, so that’s nothing new, but in America of all countries it has recently become legal for purchase and recreational use in the state of Colorado. It’s been medically legal in California for years but that requires a prescription and it’s only for residents.

As if you were shopping for muffins, you can buy pot at dedicated shops, shopping has never been so fun. You just need to be 21 years of age, like alcohol.

PRO TIP : You still can’t smoke weed in public or even hotel rooms. So make sure you have a friend, Couchsurfer or AirBnb hookup in Colorado that’s up with 420.

COST: $10 USD + w/ Weight Limitations

Drive With no Speed Limitations in Germany /// Illegal Activities

Drive With no Speed Limitations in Germany

Imagine renting a Ferrari and taking it to its full potential on the open road like they were meant to be? That would be extremely illegal in most countries to go that fast. But not in some parts of Germany, particularly the autobahns, AKA highways. The law states; “Any person driving a vehicle may only drive so fast that the car is under control.”

So if you have a vehicle that can handle insane speeds and you have the skill and competence to drive it, the skies the limit.

PRO TIP : Read last sentence…

COST: $0 For Driving Public Roads

Hire Certified Prostitutes in The Netherlands /// Illegal Activities

Hire Certified Prostitutes in The Netherlands

Tourism and rampant prostitution usually makes those locations dirty, dangerous and disreputable. But Amsterdam, the most recognized prostitution city in the world is also considered one of the best cities to live in. It’s not only a legit profession but an well organized and respectable one.

So if this is your thing, browse Amsterdam’s Red Light District and buy yourself a good time without the shame or breaking the law.

PRO TIP : I can’t personally give a “pro tip” on this matter but I have been to the Red Light District and it’s a must-see travel experience nonetheless.

COST: $50 USD + Per Session

Trip on Magic Mushrooms in Indonesia Illegal Activities

Trip on Magic Mushrooms in Indonesia

It goes to show you how different cultures can be. Because (real) psilocybin mushrooms is literally and legally sold on every street in some parts of Bali but possession of marijuana will get you into shockingly serious trouble.

So in some parts of Indonesia, tripping on magic mushrooms on a beach is as casual and legal as getting drunk at a pub – oh how crazy this world is.


PRO TIP : I suggest tripping on mushrooms on one of the many paradise islands off of Bali mainland. It’s more peaceful and often better for pricing, quality and vibe.

COST: $5 USD + In Smoothies or Raw

Selfie w/ a Tiger in Chiang Mai, Thailand /// Vinjatek

Play With Live Tigers in Thailand

Tigers are like sharks, lions, bears and hawks in that they are some of the most dangerous and feared animals on earth. So it’s understandable why there are laws to keep ordinary people away from such potential danger.

You can’t even own them in most countries. But there’s a kind of habitat in northern Thailand called ‘Tiger Kingdom’ where you can literally touch, hug, pet and even lay with tigers of all sizes. It’s quite safe, humane and you can choose from tiny baby cubs to full grown beasts. They even offer professional photography for a nominal fee.

PRO TIP : There are a few other tiger petting places in Thailand but Tiger Kingdom is known for their kindness to the animals and most professional service.

COST: $8 USD + For 5 to 10 Minutes

If it’s illegal to rock ‘n’ roll, throw me in jail!

-Kurt Cobain

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