Today marks my exact sixth year of vagabonding. A nomadic lifestyle of continuous worldwide travel, exploration and self development.

In early 2012, I found a way to “get out” and retire safely and comfortably. On the first of August of the same year, I left my apartment in New York City to take a round trip flight to Bangkok for a month.

I missed that flight by 5 years and 11 months. This was intentional, of course. I had met some good people along the way and I was already 2 countries away from the airport of my departure flight.

Now it’s been over 50 countries, dozens of flights, hundreds of people and countless experiences.

Vagabonding Map /// Vinjatek

Right now I’m in my apartment in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I don’t know how long I’ll be here but it won’t be for much longer. I’ll be moving on to another city at some point. And depending on how it feels, I’ll get another apartment to stay for a few months or keep it mobile and stay at a hostel, Airbnb or haven.

At one point in the beginning of my vagabonding journey, I wanted to make it my goal to visit every country in the world. But 6 years later, I’ve only covered a third of them. And that’s perfectly alright.

It seems the more I travel, the slower I travel. I still travel to sightsee but now it’s more and more about living in a place, and that can’t be rushed.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be vagabonding, but this site will continue regardless. It’s why I’ve made significant changes to it from when it was “Vinjabond”.

As of right now, I see Bali, Indonesia as my “final” stop of this nomadic life. Til’ then, I’ll keep on moving.

[The featured photo was taken at Pai Canyon in Northern Thailand, circa 2016.]

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