///   The Human Element is What Makes Travel Remarkable

Selfie with Japanese Girls in Tokyo, Japan // VinjatekWe may travel the world to see the beautiful and taste the exotic but it’s the people we meet along the way that makes it remarkable.

To experience the full potential of explorative travel, one must understand a culture, therefore the people.

-John V Cain

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From the onset of my wanderlust, the only thing I could think of was all the natural and man-made wonders I wanted to see but gave no thought to the people who live in those natures and created those structures.

The world is full of people, not just things and places.

Now as a vagabond, a well traveled explorer, sightseeing has become secondary in my pursuit of world travel. Culture and the local people that embodies it has become the most important element. Equally significant are other like-minded travelers I meet on the road.

A Day in The Life of a Vagabond: Tokyo /// Vinjatek

Sunrise in Tokyo After a Party w/ Local Japanese Girls

Every popular travel attraction or historical location in the world can be vicariously visited through the internet as all those places have thousands of photos and videos easily accessible and ready to be viewed.

This isn’t possible with the real attraction, people.

You can find just as much media on foreign people but the experienceable scope is limited and meaningless compared to actually being in their “world”.

To really see them, be with them, talk to them, befriend them, live with them and even date them.

I’m a solo traveler and looking back at the most memorable times of my travels, the one constant is the people – locals and travelers alike. It’s because of those connections, whether brief or still active that I remember moments more fondly with detail.

Beyond mental memories, travel photos are better with the human element. It gives it character and a story.

After all, all we have in the end is our memories.

The Human Element Makes Travel Remarkable.

[The featured photo was taken at sunrise after a party in Tokyo. I met those local Japanese girls in Korea again in their home country, Japan.]

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