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511 Tactical Boots /// VinjatekAfter vagabonding 7,857,943 footsteps across 38 countries in 1,014 days, I’ve finally replaced my boots – with the same brand: 511 Tactical Boots.


Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 Tactical leads the industry, that it created, in delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe. Innovators who make purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions.

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- TACLITE (Left) and ATAC (Right) Boots by 511 Tactical -

– TACLITE (Left) and ATAC (Right) Boots by 511 Tactical –

In August of 2012, I put on a pair of ATAC Side Zip Boots and set off to Thailand to begin a life of travel.

It has been the most reliable and resilient footwear I have ever worn. It had to be as the only other footwear that was a part of my packing list was flip-flops, reserved only for beach and island days.

So through just about every type of terrain on Earth, I confidently and comfortably traversed. In fact, I put these through hell with abuse and carelessness.

Let me explain. These 511 Tactical Boots became so usable and carefree that I didn’t have to worry about maintaining or damaging them, no matter what.

That’s one less concern and one more convenience I got out of in my nomadic life. As it should be with boots.

511 Tactical ATAC Side Zip Boots /// Vinjabond

511 Tactical ATAC Side Zip Boots /// Vinjabond

As you can see from the couple of 511 Tactical ATAC Side Zip Boot photos above, they’re in decent shape even after nearly 8,000,000 steps of hard use.

These are rugged tactical boots of which they performed as expected. But after the short breaking in period, they felt more like basketball sneakers and far from combat boots, that’s a very good thing.

Because of the demanding nature of tactical footwear plus 511’s attention to quality and design, these boots were like lightweight armored feet mobility devices.

The perfect travel / adventure / lifestyle shoes.

While on a rare CONUS status, I re-uped some gear and EDC, including a new pair of 511 Tactical Boots…

Shots of my new Taclite Side Zip Boot ///

- 511 Tactical Boots Outsoles: ATAC (top) and TACLITE (bottom) -

– 511 Tactical Boots Outsoles: ATAC (top) and TACLITE (bottom) –

- Taclite Side Zip Boot Tongue as a Knife Holster -

– Taclite Side Zip Boot Tongue as a Knife Holster –

511 Tactical Boots /// Vinjatek

The fit and finish is nearly identical to the ATAC Boots, retaining the sneaker-like comfort and tactical durability with enhancements all around:

Significant ventilation system that doesn’t sacrifice structural integrity, a multi-functional tongue, an advanced lacing system, grippier traction on the outsoles, stiffer ankle support and a few others.

Premium Full Grain Leather // Perforated EVA Ankle Pads // TPU Ankle Stabilizers // 1200D Cordura Brand Nylon // Ventilation Air Mesh Panels // Silent/Rope Tread Outsole

511 Tactical Boots /// $124+


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Kyle NYC

“These boots were made for traveling….”

Specialist Zero

Nice review, I got the 511 XPRT Tactical Urban boots myself.. Love them but don’t have nearly a million steps yet.


Just order a pair after your review, love how they have wide versions to. Cant wait!!

Masa Onaki

What kind of knife is that inside the boot pocket?

Felipe Fenton

How do they handle rainy weather/wet situations?

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