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“I’ll be traveling the world for a while so airports will be like a second home. I know people sleep at airports all the time but was wondering if it’s technically allowed? Since I’ll be sleeping at airports whenever possible to save a night at a hotel?”

-Franz P.
Prague, Czech Republic


Airports are like resorts where most needs are at your disposal, including sleep. Except that the sleep part isn’t as comfortable but it is accepted and expected at just about all major / international airports.

You see this all the time and no one is going to bother you for sleeping (in most situations), even overnight or through the day. That’s of course if you’ve gone through security and within the section of the airport restricted to passengers; gates, lounges and even the floors.

Long sleeps may be acceptable at other parts of the airport (check-ins, arrivals & departures areas) in rare occasions such as mass delays but not recommended under normal circumstances.

So as long as you have a legitimate reason to be at the airport, you can relax and get some shut-eye.

Is it Okay to Sleep at Airports?

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  1. Quick tip; you should find out if your credit card happens to offer access to airport lounges – best sleeps ever!

  2. There’s nothing like a nice sleep at the airport after a long flight to save a night of a hotel stay.

  3. John, have you seen those hostel like bunk bed things at airports during your travels?

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