Cognizance Training is a series of posts on strategies to enhance and hone your mental acuity and capacity like a covert operative, survivalist or nomad.

“It’s hard to do that with people who think emotionally. A lot of people think in terms of people, emotions, and feelings. That’s more complicated. Engineering mentality makes it, in theory, a little easier.”     -Marc Andreessen

This is the first in this intel series. An introduction on advancing and broadening your cognizant abilities.

In the military and professional sports, the discipline of the mind is vital but the physical training of the body is predominant. In the intelligence and undercover fields, the workings of the mind is paramount.

The body, while exceedingly difficult to reach peak form, still suffers from relatively low tolerance limitations due to fragility and fatigue.

The mind however, is much more resilient and has potentially limitless adaptability with far more applications beyond combat and athletics.

This series will focus on the following cognitives:

    – Situational Awareness

    – Memory Refinement

    – Emotional Intelligence

    – Focus and Clarity

    – Deception Calibration

    – Pain Management

    – Stress Management

    – Fear Management

    – Anger Management

    – Discipline Development

    – Mental Toughness

    – Deductive Reasoning

    – Self Awareness

    – Morality Detachment

    – Social Engineering

    – Self Control

    – Manipulation Tactics

    – Confrontation Conduct

    – Isolation Tolerance

    – Social Simulation

Bit by bit, skill by skill and practice by practice, cognizance training over time will get you closer to peak mental conditioning and performance.

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“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.”     -Marcus Aurelius

[The featured photo was taken in the temple of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.]


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