Gear Tactics is a series of posts about specific tips, hacks, modification guides and best practices of operative, nomadic and survival gear + apparel.

I devised this simple but effective carrying concept after being inspired by a tradecraft on-skin hidden stash method I used to use as an operative.

In each of the main interior pockets of my jackets, I always have an aLOKSAK bag. These are basically ziplock bags, but ruggedized and built to last. They’re sorta lined in the pockets, flat and weightless.

Gear Tactics: Waterproof aLOKSAK Pocket Inserts /// Vinjatek

They sit there forgotten and unobtrusive, almost if not completely empty of any contents, until a need for them arises. Whether to protect a small item from water damage or for internal pocket organization.

My setup has a printed copy of my passport and a single bill of the largest denomination of currency of whichever country I’m in, that’s it. The other aLOKSAK bag is almost always empty.

The loadout varies from what I’m doing. Some examples are; actual passport, mobile phone, documents, cable + battery, first-aid kit, meds etc.

However, for the most part and for most days, it’s empty – which is the point. To have the capability of fully waterproof storage spaces in my jacket in the most minimal yet useful way possible – on demand.

In the meantime, the pockets can be used normally without fuss, as the inserts lay stowed, dormant.

Gear Tactics: Vollebak Graphene Jacket with Waterproof aLOKSAK Pocket Inserts /// Vinjatek

I did this with my Stealth Hoodie LT and Raptor Hoodie jackets, both of which are waterproof with waterproof pockets. It may seem redundant but water (especially moisture) has a way of getting into places.

For the past year it’s been applied to my Goruck Simple Windbreaker, which is not waterproof at all. The inserts never got in the way, always doing its job.

They’re currently in the interior pockets of my Vollebak Graphene Jacket. It’s waterproof but the pockets are not, of which it’s already come in handy on a recent motorcycle ride in a Vietnamese storm.

Results: Zero (0) Moisture Penetration

The aLOKSAK inserts disappear into the pockets of the already ultra thin and light jacket, like nothing has been added, except a new functionality.

    On-Skin Hidden Stash Method //



aLOKSAK SizesI checked the date of when I first purchased these and it goes back to April 2012, of which I immediately put to use and have used to this very day. That means these “plastic zip lock bags” have lasted for well over 7 years and counting.

If you’re going to utilize this gear tactic, I highly recommend getting a pack of aLOKSAK’s. You’ll be alright with using generic zip lock bags but without the peace of mind of near-guaranteed security.

Without adding weight to your jacket or taking up precious pocket space, you can waterproof small, valuable or delicate items on the fly.

[Featured gear: Vollebak Graphene Jacket, LiquidSkin Pro, Celox packet and 2 aLOKSAK units.]

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  1. Fred Starr Reply

    Another “why didn’t I think of that” gear hack from you. Just ordered a pack of those bags.

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