The Triple Aught Design Raptor Hoodie is the ultimate mobility versatile Polartec NeoShell jacket. Operative, waterproof, breathable, and packable.

“Light and fierce, Raptors dominate the skies with extraordinary speed, agility, and precision. The lightweight and packable Raptor Hoodie is a fully seam-taped hardshell that maintains your agility in adverse conditions.“     -Triple Aught Design


I received the Raptor Hoodie($) while I was in Bali, Indonesia. A hardshell waterproof jacket in a tropical land where it hits 90+ degrees Fahrenheit with as much humidity every single day hardly seems like proper attire.

But that was perfect timing as it was the tail end of the wet season, great for testing. Also, I’ve been needing a technical jacket that can excel in both hot and cooler climates to add to my vagabonding packing list.

While I’ve had plenty of days of hard rain to put the Raptor Hoodie’s Polartec NeoShell material through, the real test came when I climbed an active volcano.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek in Bali, Indonesia /// Vinjatek Although trekking Mount Batur in northern Bali was only a 12 hour journey, it took me through 40 degree temperature changes, torrential downpours and above the clouds atmosphere from complete darkness to a sunrise. The Raptor Hoodie handled the extreme rainfall like an impermeable rubber raincoat but it didn’t feel or wear like one.

And that was what I wanted to test. If Polartec’s famed NeoShell material crafted to Triple Aught Design’s own jacket could be worn through harsh conditions while my body goes through intense physical activity.

I never doubted the waterproofness of the Raptor Hoodie($) as that’s the easy part of making a waterproof jacket. The more difficult and just as important task (for active apparel) is breathability. Will the jacket keep me dry from external conditions as well as reducing internal moisture from the body? And if there is internal moisture, will the jacket dissipate it effectively?

Raptor Hoodie Jacket by Triple Aught Design /// Vinjabond

I’ve found that the Raptor Hoodie is the answer.

Let’s talk about the price as it’s an often controversial topic with TAD gear. So let’s address it now. It’s a $425 non-Italian (but Made in Canada) hardshell with no insulation (which is the point). Some have said that with Triple Aught Design products, you’re buying a name.

Perhaps, but that name is a well earned reputable one of which also comes with quality, ingenuity and each piece has a rarity factor as they do not mass produce.

More importantly to the unfamiliar (in regards to price) and tangibly, looking at other Polartec NeoShell jackets, their costs are similar to the Raptor Hoodie.

The NeoShell is an amazing and extensively proven material available from other brands but only with Triple Aught Design will you get their style and… design.

Raptor Hoodie /// Interior and Collar
// Interior and Collar
Raptor Hoodie /// Chest Pockets
// Chest Pockets
Raptor Hoodie /// Primary Pockets
// Primary Pockets
Raptor Hoodie /// Hood Cord
// Hood Cord
Raptor Hoodie /// 3-Panel Hood
// 3-Panel Hood
Raptor Hoodie /// Velcro Cuff
// Velcro Cuff

The Raptor Hoodie’s($) great achievement is being a highly technical (and advanced) jacket full of features but at an extremely lightweight and packable kit.

In my review of Triple Aught Design’s flagship jacket, the Stealth Hoodie LT, I called it my favorite jacket of all time. While that still stands, the Raptor is also my favorite but for warmer and less inclement weather.

They are both high-end waterproof and windproof active jackets with seemingly identical styles. But in fact are vastly different in materials, fit and design.

Raptor Hoodie VS Stealth Hoodie LT
– Raptor Hoodie VS Stealth Hoodie LT –

The Raptor is a hardshell that’s more stretchy and thinner.

The Raptor is made from Polartec NeoShell.

The Raptor has a loose and flexible fit.

The Raptor has chest and abdomen pockets.

The Raptor’s black color has a bluish tint.

The Raptor has no elbow reinforcements.

The Raptor has no pit zips but has higher breathability.

The Raptor has 3 hood adjustment points.

The Raptor is ideal for warmer climates.


The Stealth is a softshell that’s more rugged but heavier.

The Stealth is made from Schoeller c_change™.

The Stealth has a close and tailored fit.

The Stealth has arm, chest, back and wrist pockets.

The Stealth’s black color has a greenish tint.

The Stealth has elbow reinforcements.

The Stealth has pit zips for ventilation.

The Stealth has 2 hood adjustment points.

The Stealth is ideal for colder climates.

Less tactical, more casual but just as badass.

Folded or rolled, the Raptor Hoodie packs to just 1/3 the volume and weight of the Stealth Hoodie LT.

That’s not to say the Raptor is not durable, it’s just that the Stealth happens to be extremely durable. From my tests, they seem to be just as waterproof but the Raptor is noticeably more breathable and flexible.

The VINJABOND Backpack Setup Guide: The SpatialI’ve had the RDDP1 Pouch since it was released and have attached it to the side of my FAST Pack EDC but have yet to use it until now. I roll the Raptor into a cylinder in its own hood and it fits snugly but perfectly into it. This is a big deal to me.

If I’m on the move and don’t need to carry my backpack but still (potentially or for a short time) need my jacket, I can remove the RDDP1 Pouch from the pack. And when I do wear the jacket, the pouch folds neatly into itself and can be placed in one of the Raptor’s pockets.

Mount Batur During Sunrise /// Vinjabond

The Raptor Hoodie’s great achievement is being a highly technical (and advanced) jacket full of features but at an extremely lightweight and packable kit.

Raptor Hoodie Jacket /// $425+

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  1. Specialist Zero Reply

    Thank you for the review, awesome as always. It was rather this or the Stealth. Luckily, they’re both in stock!

  2. Plaken Wander Reply

    I really really reallllly want this jacket but just got their Equilibrium Jacket.

  3. Does this hard “shell” lose its waterproofness? Does it rely on any DWR? With military GORTEX there typically are two layers one outside camouflage material (that is DWR treated) and the waterproof GORTEX shell underneath (shell to me would mean on the outside but this is not the case here The SHELL is underneath). After some time you will notice that the outer “material” started to retain water and soak but it will nevertheless keep you dry. The only minor issue is a slight increase of weight. Clean it, dry it, re-apply the DWR and all is good.
    On the TAD website with a picture of a guy with the Raptor Hoodie on, (beard and chest with a wet Raptor) you see multiple darkening areas on the jacket. From my experience with Military GORTEX, the thin outer shell material is absorbing water. Does this also take place with the Raptor?

  4. Great review, I’ve been curious for a more detailed in-use comparison between Stealth LT and Raptor.


  5. Moises Avellan Reply

    This jacket or the stealth lt for the south Florida weather?

  6. Ron Larson Reply

    Fantastic review–the comparison between the Raptor and Stealth LT was superb. How does the fit compare between these two jackets. I have the Stealth in XXL, but have heard the Raptors run larger and you should size down. What’s your perspective of how these two fit in the same size? Thanks.

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