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I’ve sorta lived out of suitcases for work staying entirely at hotels across the US. But now I’m starting my own business and will be permanently traveling through Europe, this time living out of a backpack. And also I won’t have my actual home base in San Diego to go back to after each trip. So I have some experience but I’m wondering what your biggest obstacle is or was while living this way?

-Russel W.
California, USA


When I first started living out of a backpack, my biggest concern was not being well equipped enough. Because minimalism was paramount.

Now years later, I’ve realized that never became an issue. Yes, sometimes I would wish I had my tailored suit or dress shoes from back home. But it was never a problem that disrupted my way of life.

Ironically my obstacle was quite the opposite, of which I still encounter to this day. I feel I pack too much, or more specifically that I can be even more minimal.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Prototype at Noi Bai Airport in Vietnam /// Vinjatek

In short, I can shed much more items from my packing list, get rid of things I don’t need or haven’t used.

So I “struggle” carrying things for no real good reason.

For example..

– A pair of boots and sneakers when either or will do

– 2 belts when 1 will do

– 2 smartphones while I barely use the other

– 4 knives when 1 defense and multi-tool will do

The actual obstacle was running out of or needing items that can’t be purchased abroad. Like certain gear brands and my migraine meds.

However, that was easily remedied by prepping my pre-prepared care packages to have sent to me from America to wherever I was in the world.

So with practice, prepping and planning, there’s no serious obstacles living out of a backpack.

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[The photo features the Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Prototype at Noi Bai Airport, Vietnam.]

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