Last year at this time I published a list of my best gear for 2017, but this time I’m putting focus on just one item – a single piece of gear above the rest.

Despite my ultralight packing method as a vagabond, I go through and replace my active equipment and apparel quite rapidly. The minimalist way of my nomadic life enables me to keep only what I need as well as the best of what’s available. This is the result:

My favorite, best and most used gear for the past 365 days is the FAST Pack Scout Backpack by Triple Aught Design. The base model is available for $195.

In a previous post about my gear reviews, I disclosed that Triple Aught Design often sends me free gear. I mention this again because this particular backpack was not free, I ordered it paying the full price the minute it was released a little over a year ago.

It made my list last year despite having it for just a month because I could see its extraordinary potential. At least for my vagabonding operative lifestyle.

FAST Pack Scout in the Wild /// Vinjatek

Now after over a year of extensive field use and testing, it is indeed one of the best pieces of gear I’ve ever utilized. I’ve equipped the entire FAST Pack line; FAST Pack Litespeed and FAST Pack EDC, both of which are much larger. Both are exceptional and are arguably the best in their class and type.

The FAST Pack Scout, the smallest of the line at just 15 liters capacity is one of the factors that make this kit so useful to me. It’s the most ideal size for my varying nomadic needs. It lets me equip it for many different types of uses without ever having a bag too big or heavy for whatever task.

And when I do need it, its capacity can almost be doubled. Beyond that, the admin pocket (front), is the most intuitive with its unique design and construct versus its larger, more expensive counterparts.

FAST Pack Scout in a desert, the White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Vagabond Lifestyle Go-Bag Loadout Kit /// Vinjatek

Boat Ride via Cai Rong Floating Market, Can Tho, Vietnam // FAST Pack Scout Backpack and LALO Tactical Shadow Amphibian Boots /// Vinjatek

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Backpack Go-Bag Loadout /// Vinjatek

FAST Pack Scout at a Fishing Village in Battambang, Cambodia /// Vinjatek

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Strap Setup /// Vinjatek

Muslim Fishing Village in Battambang, Cambodia /// Vinjatek

FAST Pack Scout at Wat Banan Temple in Battambang, Cambodia /// Vinjatek

The compact size of this rucksack is not for everyone, it’s actually quite a specific subcategory of tactical backpacks. However for myself and my needs, the Scout has proven to be as dynamic as my lifestyle.

This is not a review. Just stating the fact that it’s been the single best gear for 2018 for me. But a review for the FAST Pack Scout is coming.

[The featured photo was taken while trekking the Mekong Delta in Can Tho, Vietnam.]

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  1. I got this at launch to.. was a bit too small for me at first but it’s grown on me, and now I use it more than my other packs.

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