This is an explanation and disclosure notice of the gear reviews, usage publications, photography and affiliate marketing on this site.

A few year ago my review of the Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed put me “on the map”. They noticed and then started to send me their gear, for free. Then as more of their gear showed up on this site, some people started accusing me of being paid to review their gear or even being a secret employee.

That is false. No discussion of money or employment was ever mentioned between our communication. But more importantly, there was no influence on the outcome of my reviews for the gear they sent me.

At one point I had maybe 90 percent of all their catalog. But even to this day I reviewed only a fraction of them. Because I only review gear that I have thoroughly used and tested. And my situation as a vagabond prevents me from having access to all my possessions, since I can only carry what I can fit in my bags as a permanent traveler.

That means that every item I carry is important and absolutely necessary, because I can only carry so much with such limited space and constant motion.

It’s been like this with Triple Aught Design and any other company that has given me free gear.

That doesn’t mean all reviews were of gear that was given to me for free, it’s about a fifth of them.

Gear Tactics /// Vinjatek

I also only publish glowing positive reviews. That’s not to make those brands happy, not at all. But because I don’t bother reviewing a product if it’s less than exceptional. If the gear is less than great, I won’t review it and send it back to the company, if applicable.

However there was one exception, the Micro Drone 3. It was so bad that I felt compelled to tell the world.

So I have never taken money for a gear or apparel review, and never will as not to adversely influence the outcome. But I do earn a small commission when readers click and buy from some of the links throughout this site, these are affiliate links.

I hope that clarifies how gear reviews work with Vinjatek, if not, contact me.

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  1. That’s for letting us know. But I always knew you were on the up and up. You got some of the best gear reviews on the net, but my wallet hate you for it lol.

  2. Concerned Citizen Reply

    So cool, didn’t know you got free gear and so much good shit!

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