///   The Concept of Doing The Impossible

Trekking Jeju Island in Korea /// VinjatekWith resolved reasoning “the impossible” can be scaled down to “the improbable” and with deliberate action it can become “the possible“.

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly… you are doing the impossible.

-Saint Francis of Assisi

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The act of doing something “impossible” by definition can not be done, but 99 percent of these “impossibilities” are actually possible. So (almost) nothing is impossible.

Ergo, impossible is nothing.

Think of it as a long math equation. When laid out on a board it seems like a complex mess of impossibilities. But if you focus on a single part of the equation at a time, it becomes not only possible but relatively easy.

5 x 8 – 32 + 5.2 ÷ 9 x 21 + .6 ÷ 89 x .74 = impossible

That equation is impossible to solve (to most minds) when viewed as a single problem – looking at it once and trying to figure out the answer instantly. But breaking it down to its base parts makes it literally as easy as 1 + 1.

It’s how well we can (literally) see a problem or a puzzle then (literally) visualize the solution. Less mathematical equation, more jigsaw puzzle.

-John Cain

It’s natural to visualize an impossible task as one giant problem, like climbing an insurmountable mountain. Now forget the peak of the mountain and focus on that first hill. Once you’re there, you’ve accomplished a small part of something impossible, easy. Keep on doing these small things and eventually it adds up or leads to an accomplishment of the impossible.

Nothing is impossible to him who will try.

-Alexander the Great

Most people conclude something is impossible by rating the difficulty of achieving it, not if it’s quantifiably beyond the bounds of possible. This is an error in logic.

Even if no one has figured out the steps to achieve something that seems impossible doesn’t mean it is. It just means the problem or equation hasn’t been solved yet. Impossible is just a theory waiting to be disproven.

Most of the things worth doing in the history of the world had been declared impossible before they were done.

-Louis Brandeis

History is full of impossibilities and even unimaginables that became realities like taking human beings to the Moon and back, a black man becoming an American President or the creation of the Great Pyramids of Giza. All deemed impossible but made possible with careful planning and step by step execution.



Whatever the goal, start from the beginning by breaking it down to smaller, more manageable pieces and simply begin. Basically small steps that eventually lead to the completion of that impossible task.

Each step is like adding a piece to a jigsaw puzzle.

With reasoning “the impossible” can be scaled down to “the improbable” and with action it can become “the possible“.

“Impossible” is just another word for “puzzle” and all puzzles can be solved, because they’re meant to be.

The Concept of Doing The Impossible.

[The featured photo was taken on the edge of Jeju Island in South Korea.]

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Kyle NYC

Impossible is nothing, the key to doing the impossible.


Great inspiring article! Just out of curiosity, where was this photo taken?

Lori Zabel

I think the word impossible is overused like the word epic. So like you said, most of what people consider impossible is not really impossible at all. It’s a good way to think and live.

Ade Sinam

I love your simplistic approach to complex shit, like doing impossible things. Keep it up brother!

Timothy Oliver

This day in Dallas Texas I have the exact same thing going on in a different way and this is a sign like most things that point in the right direction we may not see but we believe and the hope gives us this and eventually will achieve the seemingly impossible thankyou brother and sister a match made only in Creation.Heavens in her eyes brother you see it because I do and more importantly I feel it more than I know what iam seeing.

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