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HITCASE Shield For iPhone /// VinjatekThis is the world’s thinnest waterproof iPhone case by the makers of the world’s best action / adventure photography iPhone case.


Using an everyday waterproof case in the past meant something plastic on your phone, something foreign. We wanted to blow that up and build something tough that your iPhone would be proud of.

-Brooks Bergreen, Founder

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HITCASE Shield For iPhone /// VINJABOND

I’ve had and extensively used every single iPhone case that HITCASE has come out with since their inception. In fact, most of the action pics on this site and my socials are taken with a HITCASE equipped iPhone.

What attracted me to their cases was their true waterproof capabilities, shockproof reliability and GoPro-like capturing interchangeable lenses.

The HITCASE Shield($), their newest model, is seemingly less featured than their cases before it but it’s actually more advanced, even with the departure of the lens system. It’s also completely different in design and construction. An evolution of the “HITCASE”.

Now you can have a completely shielded iPhone that’s still pocketable and feels right in the hands with full confidence, security and comfort while retaining the iPhone’s aesthetics and features.

HITCASES: Shield, Pro and Snap ///

The HITCASE: Shield, Pro and Snap ///

The Shield however, is not supposed to be like their other cases, nor any other iPhone case in the market. Sure it’s also shock and waterproof, but it’s also the thinnest there is and offers FULL iPhone access.

It’s extremely minimal and impossibly light but almost as tough as its ruggedized siblings.

This means every port, button, flash and even the finger print feature of the iPhone can be utilized without removing the case. This is a game changer.

With the HITCASE Shield($), you can indefinitely keep your iPhone safe from water, scratches and drops without losing any functionality, save for SIM card changes.

HITCASE Shield For iPhone /// VINJABOND

The other waterproof HITCASE cases have a clam closing mechanism with a hinge and clamps. The Shield is an individually 2-pieced “peel and seal” quick enclosure system called the “Shockseal”.

This unique peeling design may sound unreliable for waterproofing but you can really feel the vacuum-like sealing effect when closing the case with your thumbs. And HITCASE’s claim on the waterproof rating of IPX68 (2 meters / 6.6 feet) is true with my testing.

The frame of the Shield is a beautifully crafted anodized aluminum in a bumper style that wraps all the sides and corners of the iPhone. On the inside of the aluminum is rubber padding and port seals protecting the enclosed iPhone from drops from as high as 6 feet.

The on/off and volume buttons can be pressed easily as well as the ring/silent switch by way of a clever turning knob. The home button is covered by a thin plastic layering different from the screen that lets you use the Touch ID sensor. All this and it’s still waterproof.



HITCASE Shield Shockseal /// VINJABOND

HITCASE Shield / iPhone Comparison /// VINJABOND

The minimal and light form factor along with full iPhone access makes it ideal for regular use and its rugged water/shock proof protection for irregular use.

If Apple were to make a ruggedized iPhone while aligning to their design concept, it’d be something like this.

HITCASE Shield /// $79+


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Kyle NYC

This case is sick, I’ve had the original Hitcase since your first review but thin profiling looks awesome for everyday use. But not on sale yet it seems?

James Centro

Back to hitcase? good to hear, this also looks great.

Plaken Wander

Nice! Nearly lost my iPhone to a Lifeproof case, piece of crap… i;ll try this slick kit.

Derek Dmitrzak

I can’t really find any clear pictures of the bottom. Do you have to remove the case to charge?

Robbie Butler

How is the sound quality using the case? Extremely interested in this case, but wanted to know how videos sound that are recorded using this case.

Bond J

I was hoping you could help me with something. I purchased a Hitcase Shield after watching your review for my 6S. How tight of a fit is the charging cable for you? I am using the apple official charge and its a pretty tight fight. I noticed that the lightning port of the phone is ever so slightly above the center of the case opening for charging cable causing a tight fit. Do you have the same experience? Thanks!

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