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Multi-tools are often a necessity for a complete everyday carry system but also tend to be the largest, heaviest and most difficult to equip on your person.

A convenient alternative for when a full sized multi-tool is overkill or not ideal are the solid-1-peice tools like an Obstructures or a Shard. Good for keychain or loose pocket carry. But I don’t like jingling pockets or do I carry keys since I live out of a backpack as a vagabond.

- Multi-Tool Card EDC Kit in a Tensul Clip -

So I prefer something even more streamlined and low profile for general lifestyle everyday carry. The solution is credit card shaped and sized multi-tools.

I equip (as shown) a Microtech Assailant Card and a Cha/O/Ha EDC Card. Both the highest quality and most innovative tools of their kind. The cost of them reflects that but there are many less expensive alternatives.

They work seamlessly with my actual credit cards and cash with the carbon fiber Tensul money clip but can work just as well or even better with any wallet.

The ability to literally slip out a hard-use tool as if it was a credit card is quite something.

- Multi-Tool Card EDC Kit on a Belt -
– Multi-Tool Card EDC Kit on a Belt (details)-



It’s a way to carry relative multi-tool capabilities for when you don’t want or need to carry them.

EDC Methods: Multi-Tool Card Kit

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  1. Yeah, I got one of those cheap ass Monkey card tools. It’s decent steel and probably won’t ever break but it’s still a piece of crap lol…. I like yours, but man there’re expensive.

  2. Specialist Zero Reply

    Great EDC idea, but on a side note, what kind of belt is that in the photo?

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