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       8:36 AM         I suddenly wake up as my pillow vibrates from my iPhone underneath. It was just an alert of a Facebook friend request of a local I met last night. I confirm and pass out. Zzzzzzzz…

       11:09 AM         The scorching sun rays sneaking through the cracks of the branch walls of my bungalow hitting my face eases me awake.

       11:34 AM         Shirtless and wearing just swimming trunks, I step out and walk a few meters to the bungalow restaurant. I enjoy a chicken curry and rice with a banana shake close enough to the ocean that my feet get refreshingly wet from the waves hitting the sand.

       1:02 PM         I get some work done on my laptop and upload some photos with the rare but crappy island WiFi that I’m very thankful for.

       2:43 PM         With the heat rising and the fan broken, I leave my bungalow and take 9 steps to go for a swim in the crystal blue water, no one else is here.

       4:08 PM         As I return to my bungalow, I see a couple of Canadian backpackers I met the night before drinking Bintang beers on my bungalow patio waiting for me.

       5:45 PM        Buzzed and bored, we take a longboat to watch the sunset on Gili Air Island. Then we go snorkeling and fishing for dinner.

       8:54 PM        Back on Gili Trawangan Island, night but still hot as the day. We meet up with some other travelers and locals for a big dinner on the beach. We cook and share our fish with everyone.

       11:32 PM         A dozen of us sit around a bonfire on the beach. We have beers, cocktails and a few joints. A local starts playing his guitar and sings popular reggae with broken English. Fireworks are set off, deep conversations occur and everything is right.

       2:19 AM         With the fire dying and just a few of us left, I laid in the sand looking up to an amazingly clear view of the stars with a German girl I not know the name of talking about our love of travel.

       3:48 AM         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

       6:15 AM         Still awake but exhausted, we rest on a floating lounge couch on the beach and watch as the sun rises over the ocean as we finally fall asleep.

Gili Air Island Bungalow, Indonesia /// Vinjatek

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Now that’s one hell of a day. I can’t wait to start traveling again. Oh I especially like 3:48am hahah.


Duuude! I still have a month before I start vagabonding, the wait is killing me.

Teddy L

I’ve been to the Gili Islands and its one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever been to, the water is bluer and clearer than anything I’ve seen. I must go back now. Thanks.