6 Tactics to Not be a “Cyber Mark” /// VinjatekYour digital presence and activity makes you vulnerable to various attacks online and off. These tactics can can prevent you from falling prey.

“The Internet is the most liberating tool for humanity ever invented, and also the best for surveillance. It’s not one or the other. It’s both.“     -John Perry Barlow

VPN For All Devices

6 Tactics to Not be a “Cyber Mark” /// VPN

Other than online anonymity, darkweb usability and geographically unlocking content, using a virtual private network keeps your online browsing secure and private. Setup is easy and using it is easier – set and forget. I personally use NordVPN.

Dynamic Passwords

6 Tactics to Not be a “Cyber Mark” /// Dynamic Passwords

Don’t use easy passwords or even a single complex one for all your accounts. Use several passwords varying across all your accounts. A password manager app like 1Password can do wonders for your cyber security.

Multiple Email Accounts

6 Tactics to Not be a “Cyber Mark” /// Multiple Emails

Have at least two email accounts, one for important matters like banking and another for random signups. For advanced users, have another just for personal and for work. This compartmenalizes your email security and spam.

Online Anti-Facial Recognition



Logistics and Locational

6 Tactics to Not be a “Cyber Mark” /// Logistics

Be careful publicly posting online about your exact locations with exact times, to avoid being tracked offline. Such as how long you’ll be away from your home (for robberies) or what place at what time and what you’ll be doing (for muggings).

Sensitive Photos Sharing

6 Tactics to Not be a “Cyber Mark” /// Sensitive Photos

Even in 2019 people do this… Never socially post photos of your ID, passport, credit card, boarding pass or any other sensitive document that shows the data on it clearly for the world to see. The implications of the dangers should be obvious.

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