///   Vagabonding is Passive Survival Training For The End of The World

Thailand / Laos Border on The Mekong River // VinjatekThe lifestyle of a vagabond will hypothetically share many similarities to that of a wandering survivor of the end of the world.


The start of living in a world after it ends as we know it will be like visiting an exotic country for the first time today.

-John Cain

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Therefore the journey of vagabonding world travel is potentially a passive and incidental way to train for surviving a post apocalyptic world.

During a world ending event, you’ll most likely be stranded within a closed vicinity due to transportation and communication infrastructures catastrophically failing. Unless you happened to be home at that time, you’ll be left homeless with no supplies.

But as a vagabond, you’ll simply be more on a more nomadic level as well as having a backpack full of gear.

Survival is about adapting and vagabond’s will inherently have the skills and means of wandering the altered cities with a new world culture as a minimalist.

As this is what we do anyways.

In a post apocalyptic world, constant travel for shelters and resources will take you all around. Once familiar places and people that will be vastly different from what anyone knows. As if everyone is a tourist or a foreigner trying to adapt to a strange new world.

Thailand / Laos Border on The Mekong River // Vinjatek

Personal possessions as an apocalypse survivor will be limited to what you can easily carry to maximize agility and efficiency. Packing, traveling and living ultralight.

In other words, “living out of a backpack“.

Vagabond’s thrive on new experiences and environments as that is the primary objective of vagabonding, making a life in a completely changed world an easier transition than most other survivors.

Vagabonding is TEOTWAWKI survival training.

[The featured photo was taken while crossing the Thailand / Laos border over the Mekong River.]

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Hhaha, loving the thought of this!!! As a backpacker I concur with this!

Dna Fortina

Sick photo bro.

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