My vagabonding journey or as it has turned into, lifestyle, began 38,712 hours ago. Four and a half years of a life nomadic and counting…

The intro of this post is identical to the post I published 365 days ago, sans the numbers. That’s because that hasn’t changed but there have been developments.

Travel wise, 2016 has been the slowest since I started living on the road. I’ve been traveling slower and staying in places longer. Spending most of my time in Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Philippines and Malaysia.

But I’ve found a new base where I’ve been able to sort of temporarily “settle” with my girlfriend for a while at a luxe condo on Penang Island, Malaysia.

New Years at The Light Infinity Pool, Malaysia ///
New Years at The Light Infinity Pool, Malaysia ///

This has been the longest I’ve been at one location since my journey started. But as usual, there have been trips while “living” there, such as Boracay and Chiang Mai.

Travel however, is still and always be a part of my core. So there is still much more adventures to come.

I’m just getting (re)started.

“Longevity without substance is meaningless continuity.”     -John Cain

The most important life lesson I learned this year is that I don’t have to always have to be on the move and experience new things on a constant basis to be happy.

I wish you all a great and inspiring 2017.

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