My vagabonding journey or as it has turned into, lifestyle, began 29,952 hours ago. Three and a half years of a life nomadic and counting…

Time does not exist, yet it’s the most expensive thing in the world. Once it’s gone it’s gone, the convention of expiration and the most driving force of life, more so than the inspiration of our mortality.

That’s pretty impressive for such a thing that does not exist. Furthermore, time, as we know it is so valuable that it’s beyond priceless because most things we deem “priceless” are things we don’t need. But time is like H2O and O2, we need it to live and function.

But unlike water and air, time is scarce and is not recyclable, it is fleeting in the most ultimate way. After all, the word “fleeting” only exists because of the concept of time. Void and arbitrary but so powerful.

The inevitable end of all perceivable things, the finite scalability of Earth and our delicately limited lifespans is why we need to know how long things will go, how long they will last and how much of it is left.

We’re always counting up or counting down, as we must. It gives us a way to add value and importance to do the things we have to and want to do. Just like currency.

Time also gives possibility to “fresh starts” of which our arbitrary way of utilizing the fourth dimension makes the number “1” or “beginning” the most practical.

And so January 1 of any year is celebrated differently than any other holiday. It marks an end/start to an event, not a specific anniversary to one.

Shaking Hands w/ a Wild Monkey on Lombok Island, Indonesia /// Vinjatek
Shaking Hands w/ a Wild Monkey on Lombok Island, Indonesia ///

On this very first day of the year 2016, I’ve returned to the Island of Lombok, Indonesia for the third time.

Just me, Kristanna and a monkey.

As 2015 came to a close and 2016 emerged, I felt no difference, especially because there were no fireworks or a crowd of partiers, just nature.

But like I said, time doesn’t exist so how could it? Regardless, I feel recharged and motivated to see more of the world, try new experiences and become a better man. So there is a difference, just not chronologically.

It’s funny how something that’s not real can have such real impacts. Happy new year…

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  1. Happy new year to you to John! I’m in Bali right now, we should def grab a drink, I’ll hit you up on Facebook.

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