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Ask: How do You Receive Mail and Packages While Traveling?

Ask John V Cain /// VinjatekASK is a series of posts answering questions asked by readers about the vagabonding operative lifestyle. Contact me to ask your own.

[ November 28 2018 ]         ASK, DATA, LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL

6 Incidentally Barterable Items to Pack in a Nomadic Urban Go-Bag

6 Incidentally Barterable Items to Pack in a Vagabonding Urban Go-Bag /// VinjatekThese are a list of already pertinent go-bag packing items that happen to be barterable – for emergencies and backup impromptu buying power.

[ November 15 2018 ]         DATA, GEAR, LIST, LOADOUTS, MONEY, SURVIVAL

Before I Die… explore Son Doong Cave

 Hang Son Doon Cave in Vietnam /// VinjatekBefore I Die…‘ is a series of posts about all the (feasible) things I personally want to experience and the places I want to see… before I die. – view the list

[ November 12 2018 ]         ADVENTURE, BEFORE I DIE, DATA, DESTINATIONS

6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Traveling The World

On a Hammock at Swimming Lake Restaurant in Battambang, Cambodia /// VinjatekSchool gives us the foundation to survive this world, university gives us skill sets to thrive in this world and traveling the actual world gives us everything else.

[ September 25 2018 ]         DATA, LIST, PHILOSOPHY, TRAVEL

3 Steps to Never Leaving or Losing Anything in Your Hotel Room

Storage Container Capsule Hotel /// VinjatekI’ve stayed more nights at hotels and other accommodations than at “home” in the last decade and these are the steps I take to never leave anything behind.

[ September 05 2018 ]         ACCOMMODATIONS, DATA, HACKS

Foreign Currency as Monetizable Souvenirs

Foreign Currency as Souvenirs and Backup Cash /// VinjatekThe most advantageous travel souvenir is not what you can buy with money, but the money itself, more importantly serving as emergency funds.

[ August 07 2018 ]         DATA, MONEY

Overland Border Visa Run: Loadout

Overland Border Visa Run: Loadout /// VinjatekThis is a series of posts about my select, ever-changing and adapting packing lists and loadouts for specific tasks, events and journeys.

[ July 23 2018 ]         DATA, GEAR, LOADOUTS, TRAVEL

6 Ways to Make Money as a Nomad

6 Ways to Make Money as a Vagabond /// VinjatekA vagabonding nomadic life is a location independent one and as with any other lifestyle, it needs income to make it an active one – these are some of the methods.


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