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20$Bandit EDC Gear Pouches /// VinjatekWhether used as bags within bags or pockets within pockets, these are organizational carry powerhouses for EDC and packing lists.


I just wanted something that would hold my small gear or medical supplies, fold open and closed easily and slide into my pocket when on the trail or outings with my kids. The pouch needed to be rugged and have retention for my tools and other gear as well as a few interior pockets to keep everything organized.

Eric Bauer
20$Bandit aka Triple 7 Gear

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- 20$Bandit EDC Gear Kit Pouches -

If you’re reading these words, then you probably know what the following letters stand for; “EDC“. For everyone else, it’s Every Day Carry – the practice of equipping individually specific sets of gear for daily / special use.

Eric Bauer, the founder of 20$Bandit understands this concept better than most. So he invented the MK-7 and Micro Pouches to evolve the ways to carry.

Just like the Moduloader Shields, these are pocket augmenters, bag organizers and kit optimizers.

Internal pouches are nothing new and there are hundreds of varying models on the market. But the 20$Bandit versions cater specifically to the technical packer, minimalist traveler, active survivalist, modern vagabond and of course the dedicated EDC’er.

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know how seriously I take my gear and the research I go through to find the best available. With that said, of those hundreds of similar gear pouches out there, I have chosen not 1 but 5 of the ones made by 20$Bandit.

- 20$Bandit Micro Kit and Mini Kit -

– 20$Bandit Micro Kit and Mini Kit –

20$Bandit Pouches are available in 2 sizes, the Mini Kit (MK-7) and the Micro Kit. Both made from the ever-popular tactical favorite, 1000 denier nylon.

Available in many colors including camouflage and Kryptek patterns. A strip of velcro on the front that can be used as desired or conveniently to tag the contents with ID patches (Survival Kit, Tools, First Aid, EDC, Gear, etc.) also available from 20$Bandit.

Both are scale versions of each other so they can work independently or together for endless packing and carrying configurations. So just having one of these equipped on your person or in your backpack will greatly improve your carryability. As for myself, I have an entire system of these packs for my vagabonding lifestyle.

Because of their bi-fold design, gear accessibility is as easy as taking a credit card out of your wallet. Speaking of, the Micro Kit makes for an excellent high-capacity wallet for everyday use or travel – passport fitted.

- 20$Bandit EDC Gear Kit Pouches -

– 20$Bandit EDC Gear Kit Pouches –

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– 20$Bandit Mini Kits in a FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack –

MINI   KITS   // // 1000 Denier Ballistic Nylon // 9 Colors + Kyptek // Size: 6″ H x 6″ W x .5″ // Weight: 2.3 oz // MICRO   KITS   // // 1000 Denier Ballistic Nylon // 6 Colors + Kyptek // Size: 6″ H x 4″ W x .5″ // Weight: 1.6 oz

20$Bandit Pouches for $20+


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Lori Zabel

I could use some of these for disaster of a purse for travel. Kryptek is kinda beautiful to.


Copped this when it was with Kickstarter, great stuff, made my life just a bit more organized.

Specialist Zero

Digging the Micro version, don’t need it, but do want it…. actually, I do need it. Fck it, I’ll get it. Thanks for the heads up.


I order a few so looking forward to getting them