An ultra-minimal yet highly impactive EDC concept for close quarters combat, escape and entry functions in a search and scan resistant system.

“An everyday carry kit is a constantly evolving, ever-changing set of gear that should be customized for the professional’s preferences and situational requirements.”

This is a partial / variable gear list for my on-my-person carry and packing list. Most of my equipment is in my FAST Pack Scout and Arc’teryx duffle.

Objective: Clandestine Operational Use in Non-Permissive, High Security Environments

Location: Undisclosed

Kit Cost: $ N/A

Undetectable SERE + CQC System Everyday Carry Kit /// Vinjatek

This hyper-concealed everyday carry concept partially utilizes the Static Method. Meaning that the kits are neither clipped or pouched, it’s worn on the body or layered between the clothes and body.

Additionally, this system is designed to work with my proprietary “concealment position shifting” method. Further enhancing resistance to digital security scans and physical authoritative searches.



Thus, these are equipped assuming that you’ll be subject to search or scrutinized through access security. This is why imperceptibility is just as important as the kit’s primary functions.

This kit is a 2-part system; CQC and SERE, separated as each part is located strategically around the body with position of purpose and reach dexterity.

The CQC item is an experimental graphene reinforced carbon fiber knife device. It can be used as a basic stabbing implement but is made for maximum stopping power in the smallest possible form factor; the blade is designed to shatter and break off inside the target’s body in up to 2 + 1 stages.

The SERE items focus on restraint escape and limited entry functionality; custom titanium diamond rod saw, polymer handcuff key, titanium Bogota nano lock picks and a ceramic razor. All non-magnetic materials.

Undetectable SERE + CQC System EDC Kit /// Vinjatek

These kits literally stick to certain parts of most clothing as is, or utilizing the aforementioned “concealment position shifting” method.

For most cases, I equipped these deep inside the waistband of my ExOfficio underwear, ergonomically along the hip of each side aligned to the iliacus muscles of each leg. It essentially disappears onto the body.

It can be effective against metal detectors and moderate to high levels of physical searches with an additional step for X-ray and full-body scanners.

Beyond this system are subcutaneous, rectal, oral implementations and then surgical implants.

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  1. James Brand Reply

    Man I really like your EDC ideas, some brilliant purpose driven carries. Would like to learn more about your “concealment position shifting” trick.

  2. Incredible pocket dumps, too bad I can’t buy any of it. Do you ever sell gear youre done with? Or maybe run a giveaway?

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