The supreme convenience and functionality of a fanny pack with the added benefit of not being one and looking damn good while doing it.

“A cutting-edge label based in Vienna, Austria specialized in creating smart and fashionable design products to carry mobile digital devices and personal items comfortably and stylish in everyday life. Shaping the zeitgeist as indispensable elements.”

- The travelKit by Urban Tool -
– The travelKit by Urban Tool –

The creative minds at Urban Tool have a tendency to solve problems of everyday carry that I didn’t know was a problem until they’ve already solved it.

Case in point is their sportHolster, the most utilized pack of my vagabonding lifestyle since 2012. It gives me an entire set of pockets positioned in the most natural grabbing areas of the body, like shoulder gun holsters.

Never will I have to shove or overfill my pant pockets with gear and keep them empty for comfort or reserve for incidentals or small and flat items.

But not everyday is the same and the items I need is sometimes more than the sportHolster can handle but not enough to warrant another backpack.

Urban Tool’s new travelKit is the solution.

- Travel / Flight Carry-On Setup For The travelKit -
– Travel / Flight Carry-On Setup For The travelKit –
- Party / Festival Setup For The travelKit -
– Party / Festival Setup For The travelKit –
- Everyday Carry / Survival Setup For The travelKit -
– Everyday Carry / Urban Survival Setup For The travelKit –

Suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks are all meant to carry relatively large amounts of gear so it’s tedious and cumbersome to throw just a few small but necessary items in them because there is no other option. That’s where the travelKit comes in.

Unlike suitcases and duffle bags, you don’t have to actively lug the bag around with your hands so it doesn’t get lost, forgotten or stolen. What’s more is that it shares the “wearable” convenience of a backpack but you don’t have to remove the bag to access the contents since the travelKit resides on your belt.

Sitting, standing or moving about, the travelKit is as accessible as your pant pockets. You can equip it, pack it and forget it, until you need it, just as pockets should be.

The travelKit is highly organizable with 7 cleverly constructed compartments for a variety of types of gear. The soft internal structural padding gives it a stable shape as well as excellent protection.

As you can see from the featured photo, even a 1.75″ wide tactical belt works perfectly fine which means almost any other belt will do as well. There is also a secondary set of belt loops to carry the travelKit lower to adjust to your own personal ergonomics.

Although the travelKit is meant to be equipped on your belt, it would be a great carry device even without that function to be attached to a larger bag or organizer.

Urban Tool TravelKit EDC Belt Pouch /// Vinjatek

Made in Austria / HK // 7 Compartments / Pockets // Padded Protection // Belt / Hand / Attach Carry // Durable Nylon and Parts // Multiple Kit Configurations

Urban Tool TravelKit /// $49+

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  1. Teddy Lelser Reply

    I got the Sport Holster on your recommendation some time ago and its become so useful that I feel naked without it. This new bag also seems very interesting and it’s cheaper to…

  2. Lori Zabel Reply

    I can see this as a wonderful replacement for purses for mini – adventure travel days.

  3. Robert SythRZ Reply

    Just checked out their web shop, they got some cool bags.

  4. This is tight and looks so fun to play with all sorts of EDC kits.

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