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American Flag at The Freedom Tower in New York /// Vinjatek


The Little Things I Miss About America After 2517 Days as a Nomad

American Flag at The Freedom Tower in New York /// VinjatekI’m a patriot and I love my country but I’m rarely ever in it. After years of living globally, these are the small things I miss about the United States.

When I was growing up, I don’t remember being told that America was created so that everyone could get rich. I remember being told it was about opportunity and the pursuit of happiness. Not happiness itself, but the pursuit.

-Martin Scorsese

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The American Diner

Historic Village Diner in Red Hook, New York /// Vinjatek

The truest all American dining experience. Especially the classic ones, smaller and more out of the way the better. I’ve had some of the best meals of my life at diners at the most random times and places. But as many times for rendezvous and for “office” space – then for the occasional recovery mode or pit stop, 25/8/366.

Permissive Carry

Sig Sauer Permissive Carry /// Vinjatek

Always being a foreigner and an active nomad, it’s impracticable to carry firearms – nor is it necessary as a retired covert operative who only consults. It took a while to get used to the naked feeling of not carrying for work and life once I left the US, but it’s fine with alternate weaponology. However, I miss the mere right to carry and having that option.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Boxes /// Vinjatek

I go back home to the States about every year and a half for a month or two. I use that precious time to acquire new gear, replacements and supplies. Much of it comes from Amazon and so I would reactivate my Prime Account while I’m there. I miss being able to order almost anything online then have it delivered in as little as 2 hours.


Bronx Bodega in New York City /// Vinjatek

Although more of a New York thing than an American thing, it’s still quite an “American thing”. Growing up in the boroughs of New York City, bodegas were a vital resource for us street kids (and the community) for not just grocery’s, essential supplies and world class sandwiches, but for social, shelter, and urban survival purposes.

Window Screens

Screen Window /// Vinjatek

In the US and most other Western countries, screens on windows and doors are pretty much standard, something we take for granted. In the East, including South East Asia, of which I’ve spent much of my time as a nomad, screens are exceedingly rare – including high-end hotels and condos. Bugs, bugs, bugs… and they’re nastier in exotic Asia.

Real Seasons

Changing Seasons Hunter /// Vinjatek

I used to boast about how I can effectively escape winters by navigating strategically to parts of the world where it’s during a pleasant season or where winter is still far away. But after a full year in tropical countries where the only seasons are “hot” and “hot af”, I miss the transformative changing of the seasons in the US.

Dank Cannabis

Dank Cannabis Buds /// Vinjatek

Marijuana is my only real vice. I rarely drink and don’t smoke (tobacco) but exercise and eat well so I suppose it’s hardly a vice. In any case, I miss the high-grade shit I can procure easily in the States. Low-grade weed can be found in almost any city and sometimes mid-grade. But dank level smoke is a bit of a unicorn in most other parts of the world.

New York City

New York City Epic Skyline /// Vinjatek

There’s no place like home and there’s no city like New York City, as it so happens my home is the NYC. This is what I miss most about America, my hometown. Not just Manhattan Island but (most) of the boroughs as well. I have a saying, “Home is where I put my backpack down.”, well in New York, I don’t even need a backpack.

*This list of things I miss will be updated over time.

[The featured photo was taken at the Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center in Manhattan.]

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fred Perrin

    09/15/2019 at 9:27 PM

    Great list of American classics!

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