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SPN /// LALO Tactical Bloodbird Sneakers
SPN /// ARCUS Carabiner
SPNSR /// Airbnb
SPN /// Goruck GR1 Rucksack
SPN /// Leatherman Surge MultiTool

Photo: A $2.50 Saigon Street Food Dinner For Two

Saigon Street Food, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam /// VinjatekThis is a typical local dinner I have in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A 5 course meal for ₫30,000 ($1.25 USD) per person – includes a drink.

[ September 18 2018 ]         DATA, PHOTOGRAPHY

[R]   DUSD: The Method of Procuring Food at Restaurants Without Money

The Toilet Restaurant in Shanghai, China /// VinjatekDUSD is a unique skill set for surviving in routinely operating urban locales but while under extremely desperate conditions; no resources, money or assets.


One Simple Thing I’m Doing This Year to Lose a Little Weight

Fruit Shop in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekAlright, I’m not “fat”, but I’ve also never been as fat as I am now. I’ve been too kind to my taste buds this past year and my physique is paying for it.

[ January 09 2018 ]         DATA, HACKS, LIFESTYLE

Why I Strategically Don’t Drink Coffee

penanMcDonald's at Penang Airport /// VinjatekI’m in the extreme minority as I don’t drink coffee and have cut it out of my life long ago for strategic and practical reasons, this is why.

[ June 17 2017 ]         DATA, HACKS, LIFESTYLE

Combat Crunch Protein Bars : Review

Combat Crunch Protein Bar /// VinjatekCombat Crunch Protein Bars don’t make sense. They’re nutritious supplemental foods, not candy bars, but tastes like gourmet desserts.

[ May 15 2016 ]         DATA, GEAR

Ask: Any Tips on Eating Alone in a Restaurant While Traveling?

Ask John V Cain /// VinjatekASK is a series of posts answering questions asked by readers about the vagabonding operative lifestyle. Contact me to ask your own.

[ June 10 2015 ]         ACCOMMODATIONS, ASK, DATA, TIPS

The Best Restaurant in The World

Lunch on a Mountain in Bali, Indonesia // VinjatekThe best restaurant in the world is not what you’d expect; rundown, disorganized, unknown, inexpensive and sometimes even a little dirty.

[ January 19 2015 ]         DATA, DESTINATIONS

Urban Shrimping in Taiwan

Urban Shrimping in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekYou can walk into a building, set a fishing pole, crack open a beer, relax while catching shrimp, bake then eat them on the spot… Shrimping in Taiwan.

[ October 16 2014 ]         DATA, DESTINATIONS, TRAVELOGUE

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