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Nomad CHARGEKEY iPhone and Android - VinjatekNOMAD has created the most innovative mobile gadget cable for VAGABONDS equipping iPhones+, Androids and other USB devices.



A nigh over-engineered slick piece of tech to power connector that’s tactically stylish and versatile.


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    – iPhone 5/S/C + iPad

    – Android Devices

    – 2.6″ x .2″ x .9″


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    – Lightning iOS Cable

    – Micro USB Cable

    – 0.8 Ounces


[quote text_size=”small” author=”NOMAD GOODS” author_title=”CHARGEKEY MAKERS” link=”http://refer.hellonomad.com/v2/share/6009240899756994101″]

…It’s designed to fit onto your keychain just like a house-key…


- Nomad CHARGEKEY: Lightning and Micro USB Cables - VINJABOND

– Nomad CHARGEKEY: Lightning and Micro USB Cables –

The CHARGEKEY is a prime example of how crowdfunded startups can yield exemplary results. It started with NOMAD’s first concept, the CHARGECARD, funded via Kickstarter.

I have to admit that I was drawn to the company’s name, “NOMAD” as I’m a nomad myself and after I actually saw their CHARGEKEY, I realized I had more in common with them than just a word. If I were to design my own portable iPhone cable, it would have been this.

It’s as if the creative minds at NOMAD looked into mine and then crafted these cables tailored specifically for my vagabonding needs and minimalistic traits.

Both versions of the CHARGEKEY cables transfer power and data just like their stock counterparts but with the added benefit of ultra-portability and the elimination of tangled wires.

Despite the intentionally and extremely short length of the cables, the completely flexible / twistable / resilient cores makes the CHARGEKEY adaptable to any position it may be connected to.

The CHARGEKEY is essentially just a portable USB / Lightning cable, but it’s the best there is.

- Nomad CHARGEKEY and Alternatives - VINJABOND

– Nomad CHARGEKEY and Alternatives –

Although NOMAD’s cables are the newest of these types of portable cables, it’s as if the other companies have been attempting and failing to imitate them.

Griffin is a good contender but their cables are rigid, bulky and lack an attachment point. There is currently no Apple Lightning cable option. [$15]

Sanheshun is an obvious budget version that functions but is constructed poorly with cheap materials. There is currently no Micro USB cable version. [$4]

NOMAD may cost more but the build, aesthetics and versatility make it the superior option. [$29]

– Nomad CHARGEKEY with an iPhone Hitcase Pro –

You don’t have to be a nomad or a minimalist to appreciate the CHARGEKEY as it would be a seamless addition to anyone’s everyday carry (EDC).

I have the Lightning version on my person at all times and the micro USB version in my daypack.

Nomad ChargeKey /// $19+


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I was part of the kickstarter for Nomad’s chargecard, its cool as hell. But now I see these and I want both!!! FML.


Oh great, another impulse buy thanks to your blog.


Some Amazon reviews stated that the lanyard loop broke easily. Is yours still holding up well?

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