///   Menswear: Armored Baselayer and ToughDry Jacket

Menswear: 24 Hour Versatility /// Vollebak Condition Black Baselayer and Goruck Simple Windbreaker /// VinjatekThis is a part of a series of menswear guide posts of my personal outfits and apparel setups for specific scenarios and daily wear.

The clothing I wear is like a nomadic uniform. It’s functional, stylish and designed to perform specifically to my dynamic needs and the demands of high activity.

-John Cain

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This is a partial / variable gear list for my on-my-person carry and packing list. Most of my equipment is in my FAST Pack Scout and Base Camp Duffel.

Objective: Morning Run, Gun Range, Dinner Date, Nightclub then Red-Eye Flight

New York City

Wear Cost:
$295 USD

Menswear: 24 Hour Versatility /// Vollebak Condition Black Baselayer and Goruck Simple Windbreaker /// Vinjatek

Product /// Vollebak Condition Black Baselayer

Vollebak Condition Black Ceramic Baselayer

Nimbly armored with ceramic particles to an advanced textile material with active stitching, the most technical and tactical t-shirt ever. Excels for casual wear, trekking and even war.

        $160   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Product /// Goruck Simple Windbreaker

Goruck Simple Windbreaker

Made from their famed “ToughDry” fabric, this is a most excellent material for a jacket like this. It fits real nice, looks damn good and does the job it’s supposed to, as advertised. Works for almost any occasion and for 3 seasons.

        $90   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Product /// FTD Alpha Touch Gloves

FTD Alpha Touch Gloves

A precision tactical glove that can be used for comfort in bad weather, use on any touch device, do delicate repairs, drive a vehicle with craft or just go to battle with its trigger finger design.

        $40   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Every article of clothing or accessory listed here is an actual part of my current wardrobe. View all menswear posts, gear reviews or visit the shop.

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Eezie Eee

Love your style my dude!

Ryan G

I’m hovering the “buy” button on that Vollebak shirt… sOOOOo sick, but a bit expensive. Is it really worth the premo price?

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