///   How to Haggle Like a Nomad

Buying and Eating Cobra Snake in Siem Reap, Cambodia /// VinjatekAs a constantly revolving foreigner, the art of haggling is a most useful skill to master for necessity and practicality. A skill also valuable back at home.

In life, you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate. So don’t be afraid to ask – the worst you can hear is ‘no.’

-Christine Tsai

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Street markets, night markets, food markets, any market… Small shops, stalls, taxis, hawkers, hotels, anywhere that doesn’t have a fixed price…

Haggling or bargaining effectively in these places and situations will give you a fairer and often the best deal, also the great personal satisfaction of not being ripped off when most other foreigners will be.

As a nomad, I’ve had the struggle, pleasure and education of haggling in 50+ countries and I can say that is has become an art for me.

The varied experience world travelers like myself have gives us a unique perspective on haggling and I have noticed that the method that you need works the same way regardless of where you are.

It’s actually quite easy to learn but will take time and practice to master. Here is the basic 3 step process on how haggling should be done :

New York City Street Stall /// Vinjatek

Street Stall in New York City

1) The Browse

If in a shop, look around with an emotionless face. Pick up an item here and there and place them back with no sign of interest, especially once you actually find something you want to buy.

Mafia Currency Exchanger in Seoul, Korea

Mafia Currency Exchanger in Seoul, Korea

2) The Offer

Its not what you say but its how you say it. Be or appear confident. Look at the target in the eyes after finding out what the price is and offer half of it (in Western countries, 2/3).

Buying Magic Mushrooms in Gili Trawagan, Bali, Indonesia /// Vinjatek

Buying Magic Mushrooms in Indonesia

3) The Deal //

The target will counteroffer. Then you should offer half of that new price. In most cases, if done right, that will be the sale price. The key is to initially offer low, but not too low.

*Applied Guidelines and Haggling Tips :



The art of haggling goes beyond just purchasing products and services like getting out of jam with the police, flirting or any other negotiative situation.

[The featured photo was taken while haggling the price of a cobra snake in Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

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