The exceedingly minimalist yet notably rugged Goruck Simple Windbreaker has been my most worn piece of apparel as a nomad for the last 2 years.

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“Founded by a Green Beret, GORUCK is an American brand with Special Forces roots. Excellence, toughness, and adaptability are the pillars of our way of life, which influence how we do, what we do.”

For the longest time I’ve looked for a very particular jacket; Lightweight, layerable, packable, effective for 3+ seasons and usable for almost any occasion.

Something I could really wear for any purpose and at any time without the hassle of lugging around the weight and bulk of a typical jacket, since I have to carry all my possessions in a backpack as I live out of it.

During my search, Goruck released their Simple Windbreaker jacket and I acquired it immediately.

It fit my requirements almost perfectly.

Goruck Windbreaker ToughDry Jacket Review

I knew I made the right choice when I first put it on and looked in the mirror. It fit well, looked great and felt right. You know, that feeling you get when you try on a piece of clothes that just works on you, for you.

As the name aptly describes, the Goruck Simple Windbreaker is dead simple. Excellently executed with that intent without reducing it as a functional jacket.

It’s just a windbreaker with 2 zipperless pockets and no hoodie. Exactly what I needed. But this happens to be a Goruck product, using their legendary ToughDry fabric, not to mention it’s made in the U S of A.

Simple windbreaker? Yes.

Ordinary windbreaker? No.

Wearing the Goruck Jacket while Riding a Motorcycle Through Ninh Binh, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Covert Operation Wearing the Goruck Windbreaker @ Thap Banh It Temple, Vietnam ///

Wearing the Goruck Simple Windbreaker at Hang Mua Mountain in Ninh Binh, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Hanoi Train Street in Vietnam /// Goruck Jacket Vinjatek

For such a thing called “Simple”, this jacket is versatile as hell. I’ve worn it through countless activities, 3 seasons (not winter) and many times as just my baselayer with nothing else as my top.

So it also works great as a “t-shirt”, or something I can throw on like one with the benefits of a windbreaker.

It’s just that comfortable and that easy to wear.

Covert Operator’s Tradecraft Wristgame EDC /// VinjatekWindproof for sure and certainly not waterproof. But it repels water for a short while and dries impossibly fast when it does get wet. This comes in real handy.

Breathable, very, very breathable. Making it great for active and or hot conditions and an impeccable exterior for layering in colder conditions.

Goruck’s proprietary fabric is thin and light but goddamn tough. This let me wear it with out worry of wear-and-tear on the daily. Unlike my other clothes.

Although ironically it got shredded with holes after a motorcycle accident. Which was expected but I patched it up and still use the jacket to this day.

Goruck Simple Windbreaker : Review /// Vinjatek

The Goruck Simple Windbreaker won’t replace your winter coat but it just may cover you for almost any other time, without the drag and rag of a heavy outer layer. It did for me for 2 years and 5 countries.

But if it’s too “simple” they have an answer for that, the Challenge Windbreaker, fully featured.

ToughDry® Fabric // Locking YKK Zipper // Packable Design // Abrasion Resistant // Made in USA

Goruck Simple Windbreaker // $145+

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  1. Frank Solo Reply

    Best windbreaker ever, and its made in the USA from Goruck!

  2. Thanks for the review, just ordered, but they only had a midweight? I assume this one is thinner?

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