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EDC (Everyday Carry) is the philosophy of equipping highly personalized sets of gear to effectively manage lifestyle, professional and demanding situations daily.

There’s something fascinating about a container that’s bigger in the inside than it is on the outside. These are digital backpacks… memory cards.

Everyday carry is all about the absolute essentials and the most useful necessities, including things you can’t feel. However, just because you can’t touch it, doesn’t mean you can’t hold it – or make use of it.

As with an actual go-bag kit, a digital one should include vital items to help you get through your adventures, missions or everyday normal life.

These data files should be neatly “packed” like a backpack, but in a flash memory stick / card:

    – Identification Cards (photos)

    – Credit Cards (photos)

    – Login Credentials List

    – Print-Ready Passport Photo

    – In Case of Emergency Card

    – Bank Account Numbers

    – Personal Medical Records

    – Media (movies, music, books)

    – VIP Contacts List

    – Sensitive Documents (pdf)

Most of the files should be individually encrypted or entirely stored as a whole in a secure folder. Additionally hiding the files / folders within the memory device will add a layer of security.

With this digital go-bag as a part of your EDC or loadout, you’ll have some of the most important and necessary [intangible] things always within reach.

These “digital survival kits” can also be stored in the cloud, laptop / smartphone, private server or within a self sent email – any place close and secure.

Think of it as actionable back-ups of your life.

EDC Methods: “Digital Go-Bag” Kit

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