When engaging in deception, seduction or any sort of strategic manipulation, due to the nature of these communicational methods, your body language may betray your objective.

The ability to control your facial micro-expressions to conceal your true state of mind is all but impossible, your body language however is much more manageable – and in most situations, more useful.

Facial tics are effectively involuntary, occurring as a reaction whereas body language is just nonverbal communication, meaning we often choose to “talk” with gestures and movements.

It’s because our body is physically communicating what our mind is feeling and our mouths are saying.

That makes us better communicators but our bodies’ can betray our actual / hidden objective when it comes to deception, seduction and persuasion.

To the untrained or unaware, the tell-tale signs of unsuppressed body language infers to their false state of mind. Their body betrays them.

Body language betrayal is not limited to just interpersonal communication but also with close quarters combat and other physical actions where stealth and obscurity is required.



If you look like you’re about to attack, then you lose the element of surprise and may even have to inversely get on the defensive or have to improvise.

With focused awareness you can suppress these telling body movements as not to give away your true motives in critical moments.

With deliberate training you can manipulate your body movements to misdirect your true motives to be perceived as strategically needed.

Body language influences how we’re perceived but we can control it to convey how we want to be perceived.

Never let it betray you in the field.

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