Are you a new firearm owner? The onset of the global pandemic and the increasing civil unrest around the US as we head to the election has Americans on edge. The FBI registered more background checks in this first two quarters of this year than at any point in history. People are panicking, and they’re buying guns to protect their homes and families.

However, owning a gun doesn’t mean that you can breathe a sigh of relief and go back to your normal routine. Just because you’re carrying a weapon doesn’t’ mean you know how to use it. You need to spend hours on the range honing your skills with your firearm. Doing drills is an important part of firearm ownership and preparedness.

If you’re expecting to pull out your gun and eliminate a threat, you’re going to end up in serious trouble that could cost you your life without training for the situation. Practicing with your gun on the range is the best way to develop the muscle memory required to act when you experience a real threat.

To do that, you’re going to have to burn through some ammo to develop your skills. While there’s an ammo shortage across the country right now, that shouldn’t stop you from practicing your dry-fire skills. Every time you shoot your firearm at the range, the cartridge explosion leaves residue in the gun’s barrel and slide.

If you don’t clean your weapon regularly, it will result in loading and firing malfunctions like squib loads that could cause severe injury. By cleaning your gun, you keep it in proper working order, ready for any emergency.

However, when you purchase a firearm, it doesn’t come with a gun cleaning kit. You’ll need to purchase one separately to suit your weapon. In this review, we’ll look at the best gun cleaning kit for your firearm, making recommendations on our top models.

Our Top Picks

If you want to skip the rest of the review and focus on the top products, this section is for you. We reviewed dozens of listings to find the best gun cleaning kit. The result was a range of kits suitable for any caliber or brand of firearm.

This review has a cleaning kit for any gun, with a few specialist options to sort model-specific cleaning. Here are our top picks for the best models in this review.

Best Pick: Otis Technology Pistol Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology Pistol Cleaning Kit Black
  • Package length: 7.874 cm
  • Package width: 10.668 cm
  • Package height: 18.796 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

The Otis universal pistol cleaning kit is a great choice for any handgun owner. Whether you’re carrying a Glock, Sig, Berretta, or any sidearm, this cleaning kit has everything you need to maintain your gun. You get cleaning brushes for any caliber from .22 to .45ACP. This kit features design and manufacturing in the USA and comes with unique cotton swabs for 360-degree coverage of the barrel, giving you a breech-to-muzzle cleaning action. You get four bore brushes for .22cal, .38cal/9mm, .40cal and .45cal.

Premium Pick: Gerber Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit

Gerber 22-01102 Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Rugged and reliable design in all our products
  • Can be used in various Military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and outdoor situations
  • All producdts are field tested
  • Needle nose multi-pliers
  • For 9-mm pistols and sub-guns

This compact and lightweight Gerber gun cleaning kit is a great choice for your firearm maintenance duties. You get everything you need in a compact, easy-to-find kit that attaches to your gun belt or MOLLE system on your EDC pack. This cleaning kit suits 9mm and sub guns. Since 9mm is the most popular caliber for firearms owners, this kit is a great choice. The brushes, jags, and swabs all feature Otis technology, making it a durable, effective, and efficient kit for cleaning your firearm.

Premium Pick: Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Field Cleaning Kit

Micro, All-in-One Universal 9mm Pistol Cleaning Kit - 357, 380, 38, 40, 44 mag, 45 | Swivel Handle, 2 Rods, 3 Clean Brushes – Premium Steel & Nylon with Durable Lifelong Construction - FREE X-Tool
  • When it comes to firearm upkeep, you need a professional gun cleaner kit that gets the job done right – not a subpar kit with parts missing. The Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Micro Pistol Cleaning Kit has all the tools needed to clean pistol calibers from .331” (8.4mm) to .455” (11.6mm) and barrels as long as 8.5” (21.6cm) – all in one compact kit. Includes a swivel handle, 3 types of cleaning brushes, swab holder, rod extensions, and a Super-X Tool for the ultimate versatile weapon cleaning kit.
  • Unlike other cheap gun cleaning kits that break and wear out quickly, our handgun cleaning kit is made with top-grade materials and solidly constructed to last a lifetime. Inside the gun clean kit case, you’ll find high-quality metal swivel rods and brushes made of durable premium bronze, wool, and nylon, for a 9mm cleaning kit that will hold up for years to come. No more flimsy rods and plastic ends that just snap and fall apart.
  • Built to revolutionize gun cleaning supplies. As the most diverse, compact kit, our easy-to-carry hand gun clean kit goes with you wherever you need it, so you can clean your gun anywhere – and reap the rewards of an accurate, clean, high-functioning firearm. Stow this firearm cleaning kit in your pocket, or keep a couple of extra kits in your everyday carry or go bags. Our weapons cleaning kit is designed to fit 9mm all the way up to .45 Colt while still being compact and easy to carry.
  • Complimentary Super-X Tool – This 9mm gun cleaning kit includes a stainless steel Super-X Tool with 46 tools in 1, including a butterfly wrench, ruler, compass, protractor, bottle opener, wire stripper, cable bender, gap tool, smartphone stand, box cutter, flat-tip screwdrivers, and more. Our hand gun cleaning kit assists with repairs and helps scrape hard-to-reach spots on removable parts like bolts, slides and triggers. Fits nuts from 5/16 to 7/16 (+9/16) and metric nuts from m1 to m6 (+15mm).
  • At Cedar Mill Fine Firearms, we believe that affordability and lifelong-quality protection should go hand in hand. As an American-based business, we support our customers’ Second Amendment rights, and construct our cleaning kits out of the highest-quality, most durable materials – for intelligent designs that are made to last for decades. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your handgun cleaner, simply reach out so we can make it right.

If you’re looking for a gun cleaning kit on a budget, we recommend this model. This Cedar Mill Fine Firearms maintenance kit features compatibility with all handgun calibers, from 9mm to .45ACP. Cedar Mill Fine Firearms makes some of the best gun accessories available. This field-strip kit is a great example of top-quality tools for maintaining your gun. You get jags, swabs, and swivel rod included with your equipment, as well as a handy multi-tool to help you strip your weapon in the field.

Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews

Now that you have an idea of the best gun cleaning kits available let’s unpack our top choices in detail. We’ll also look at a few other gun cleaning kits worthy of inclusion in this review. Pick the model that suits the caliber of your firearm and your budget. Stick around after the reviews for our buyer’s guide, and we’ll breakdown the components of gun cleaning kits.

Otis Technology Pistol Cleaning Kit

If you’re looking for the top brand in firearms maintenance, we recommend Otis. This compact cleaning kit fits into your range back for easy storage. It’s the ideal pistol cleaning kit, with bore brushes for 22cal, .38cal/9mm, .40cal, and .45cal.

The compact, soft case features design and construction with durable nylon. The Velcro tab on the top of the case allows for easy storage on your backpack or MOLLE system.

This 16-piece kit contains everything you need, including unique cotton patches for 360-degree coverage of your barrel and an effective Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning action, with four bore brushes.

This firearm cleaning kit is affordable, featuring top-quality components and a dedicated storage system. It’s the ideal choice for a new firearms owner looking for a kit to maintain their weapon.

What We Liked
  • Otis is a top, premium firearms brand
  • Suitable for 22cal, .38cal/9mm, .40cal and .45cal.
  • Compact soft case with dedicated compartments
  • Unique cotton swab design for 360-degree coverage
  • Lightweight design
  • Made in the USA
  • Four bore brushes included

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Gerber Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit

Gerber makes some of the best survivalists and EDC gear available. The 9mm handgun is the most popular handgun model as well – it’s like these two are a match made in heaven. This Gerber kit only works with 9mm, but it has everything you need to maintain your firearm.

You get Otis technology in this set, ensuring quality components that won’t damage your gun. This Gerber model features an H-belt harness system for easy carry and MOLLE webbing for attachment to your gear. You get a set of needle-nose pliers included, along with ballistic nylon material for the carry case.

This firearms cleaning kit comes with 16-pieces and everything you need to keep your gun in great shape after a session on the range. Gerber tests all its products in the field, so you know you’re getting a reliable kit you can trust.

What We Liked
  • Gerber is a premium brand
  • Suitable for 9mm pistols
  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Field-tested components
  • MOLLE attachment
  • OTIS firearms cleaning technology
  • Ideal for military and law enforcement use

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Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Field Cleaning Kit

Cedar Mill is one of the most reputable names in firearms maintenance. This field kit contains everything you need to maintain your gun. You get top-quality components with long service life and compatibility with all calibers of handguns.

This micro-cleaning kit comes with a swivel handle, 2-piece rod, brass brushes, nylon brushes, and a patch holder for wiping your barrel clean. We like the multi-tool included with this kit for handy use on the range and when stripping your firearm. This Cedar Mill model is the smallest kit in the world, and it’s compatible with all handgun calibers, from 9mm to .45ACP.

This Cedar Mills fine firearms cleaning kit comes with a lifetime guarantee. Every component of this kit features design and manufacture in the United States.

What We Liked
  • Cedar Mill is a top firearms brand
  • Long service life
  • World’s smallest cleaning kit
  • Multi-tool included
  • Suitable for firearms from 9mm to .45ACP
  • Affordable

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RamRodz Universal Gun Cleaning System

This 550-piece firearms cleaning kit is suitable for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. This kit comes with accessories to suit .22, .223/5.56mm, .30/.308/7.62mm, .38/.357/.380/9mm, .40/10mm, .44/.45/.410, 12 and 20 Gauge calibers.

You get 26 detailing tools and accessories, with plenty of swabs included. There are double-ended picks, claw tweezers, pushrods, and a pull-through cable. You get lubricant and cleaning solutions included with this kit for everything you need for optimal firearms maintenance.

The set comes with a portable work tray and Hypalon mat that chemical-resistant and easy to work on. This set comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a great choice for firearms owners with large collections.

What We Liked
  • Includes 550+ pieces
  • All calibers included
  • Suitable for rifles
  • Chemical-resistant Hypalon cleaning mat included
  • Cleaning solution and oil included
  • Silicone-infused cleaning cloth included

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EDOG USA Promat for CZ 75

The CZ 75 is an iconic handgun, with a dedicated cult following. If you’re a Glock owner, you probably want to skip this review. However, if you own a CZ 75 model, including the Shadow 2 or Tactical Sport Orange, this is a great cleaning kit for your gun.

The centerpiece of this kit is the Hypalon cleaning mat, featuring an exploded diagram of the gun for easy reference when cleaning. You get a cleaning kit suitable for all calibers, from 9mm to .45ACP. This 20-piece cleaning kit features a specialist design for the CZ 75, but it provides universal use on all handguns, regardless of the manufacturer. Still, if you’re a CZ owner, you’re going to want that exploded schematic work mat.

Your kit comes with the following components. EDOG soft-sided carry-bag with zipper, brush and pick slots, 1.25-oz Bottle of Clenzoil, double-ended nylon, copper, and brass brushes, two double-ended nylon picks, and a flashlight.

What We Liked
  • Dedicated cleaning solution for CZ 75 models, including Shadow 2
  • Exploded schematic cleaning mat
  • Suitable for 9mm to .45ACP calibers
  • 9-piece 9 Tac Pak Bench Cleaning System
  • 20-piece Range Warrior Universal Hand Gun cleaning kit
  • Ideal for use on other firearm models

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EDOG USA Promat for SIG P320

This EDOG cleaning kit for the Sig Sauer P320 is another dedicated model for this firearm. This cleaning kit features an exploded schematic work mat, featuring all the gun parts to help you reassemble after cleaning.

The P320 is Sigs’s most popular model in 2020, and the release of the new P320 AXG model means that there are plenty of Sig owners out there looking for this gun cleaning set. You get all the same parts as the CZ 75 cleaning kit, including Your kit comes with the following components. EDOG soft-sided carry-bag with zipper, brush and pick slots, 1.25-oz Clenzoil, double-ended copper, nylon, and brass brushes, as well as two double-ended nylon picks, and a cleaning flashlight.

This kit comes in a soft-sided carry bag, with dedicated compartments for your cleaning tools. While this kit does feature specialist design for the Sig P320, it’s suitable for cleaning any handgun in any caliber, from 9mm to .45ACP.

What We Liked
  • Dedicated cleaning system for SIG 320 models, including X5 Legion
  • Exploded schematic chem-resistant cleaning mat
  • Suitable for cleaning 9mm to .45ACP calibers
  • 9-piece 9 Tac Pak Bench Cleaning System
  • 20-piece Range Warrior Universal Hand Gun cleaning kit
  • Ideal for use with other firearm models

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DAC Gunmaster 35-Piece Deluxe Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit is a great choice for collectors with many different calibers. With this model, you get compatibility with 12-ga., 20-ga. and .410-shotguns, as well as handguns ranging from .17cal to .45ACP. We like the neat presentation of this kit, with the high-gloss wooden box providing a premium look.

This cleaning kit features two 3-piece brass cleaning rods for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. You get a brass wire brush included to fit 12-ga., 20-ga. and .410-shotgun models, and all pistol models. You get a universal handle, along with five mops, slotted patch-holders, and 50 cleaning swabs. This kit also comes with all the necessary adapters included.

The attractive wooden carry box features dedicated compartments for all your tools, keeping everything in the right place for your next cleaning session.

What We Liked
  • Universal kit for handguns, rifles, and shotguns
  • Three-piece brass cleaning rods
  • High-gloss wood finish box
  • Brass wire brushes
  • Includes all adapters

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Outers 32-Piece Deluxe Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

If you’re looking for a comprehensive cleaning kit for your firearms, check out this 32-piece model from Outers. Outers is a premium brand in firearms accessories, and this kit comes with everything you need to maintain pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

You get all your tools included and cleaning solvent and gun oil included with your purchase. We like the look of the dark oak box, giving this set a premium feel. This set provides universal cleaning of all calibers of firearms, and at this price, it’s excellent value.

What We Liked
  • Outers is a trusted firearms accessory brand
  • Universal components
  • Affordable value
  • 32-piece kit for handguns, rifles, and shotguns
  • Custom part organizer tray included
  • Reliable cleaning chemicals included
  • Attractive oak-finished carry box

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Pro Shot Universal Field Strip Kit

If you’re looking for a compact and affordable cleaning kit, this Pro Shot model is excellent value for money. You get compatibility with pistols, rifles, and shotguns, and with all calibers.

This kit is a basic setup with adjustable rods to suit any barrel length. There’s a T-swivel handle to attach the rods, and a cleaning solution included with the set. You get all the accessories you need to clean your pistol, shotgun, or rifle.

All Pro Shot products feature design and manufacture in the USA, making for a top-quality firearms cleaning set. We like the compact design of the set that makes it easy to fit in your range bag.

What We Liked
  • Affordable price tag
  • Swivel T-handle for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a storage container for easy carry
  • Suitable for cleaning pistols, rifles, and shotguns
  • Field-strip design
  • Made in the USA

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
FIREGEAR Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Supplies for Rifle, Handgun(Pistol, Revolver) and Shot Gun Cleaning Kit for All Guns with Case (Brass)
  • Universal Gun Cleaning Kit. This durable cleaning kit can be used to clean all types pistols, rifles and shotgun. Everything you need to clean for every gun in the case. No matter you are a new beginners or a professional shooters, the case suitable for you to keep your guns in perfect condition!
  • Gun cleaning accessories. You'll get 3 solid brass rods for .17-.270 caliber rifles; 3 solid brass rods for .30 and over caliber rifles, pistols, shotguns and muzzleloaders; 1 black powder jag for .50 cal. guns ; 14 brass brushes; 9 bore mops;12 gun jags; 4 slotted patch loops; 3 utility brushes; 3 muzzle guards; 3 accessory adapters; 50 3×1 1/2" cleaning patches and 4 polishing clothes; 2 empty bottles.
  • Built to Last. The accessory adapters and cleaning rods are made of outstanding quality brass which prevents damage to the inside of your gun's barrel. We just use outstanding quality plastic. Brushes of different materials(brass brush,nylon brush and copper brush) can handle different surfaces.
  • Carrying Case Design. The carrying handles increase the convenience of packaging and carrying. Easy to store, you can keep the parts neatly in their own compartment in case something goes missing after cleaning the guns. This design makes the parts easy to store and pack.
  • Some of the accessories are consumable, so we prepare multiple accessories in our California warehouse. If you have any problems while using, please contact us, we'll be glad to help you.
Bestseller No. 2
Hoppe's No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod, .38/.357 Caliber, 9mm Pistol
  • Plastic storage box
  • Hoppe's No. 9 cleaning kit with aluminum rod
  • Includes one 2 ounce bottle cleaning solvent and one 2.25 ounce lubricating oil
  • Brush for the intended caliber is included with this kit
  • Intended for .38, .357 and 9 millimeter pistols
Bestseller No. 3
Otis Technology All Caliber Elite Range Box with Universal Gun Cleaning Gear, Black
  • Cleans all rifles pistols shotguns inline muzzleloaders with 100% cotton 2" & 3" patches, 3 Slotted tips & 2 patch savers
  • 4 firearm specific ripcords for quick one-pass Cleaning in the field (. 22/. 223Cal, . 30/. 308Cal, . 38Cal/9mm & 12 ga)
  • 5. 56mm B. O. N. E tool quickly and easily cleans the bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin
  • 16 bronze bore brushes (. 17, . 22 limited breech, . 22/. 223, . 243-. 260, . 270/7mm, . 30-06/. 300/30-30/. 308, . 338-. 35, . 375-38Cal/9mm, . 40/10mm, . 44/. 45, . 50Cal, . 410Ga, 28Ga, 20Ga, 16Ga, 12/10Ga)
  • 8” (2), 12” and 36” aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables and thread connector for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning
SaleBestseller No. 4
LUXHMOX 59-in-1 Universal Hunting Rifle Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit for All Shotguns - Carrying Case Including Cotton Mop, Bronze Brushes, Brass Jags, Brass Rods, Empty Oil Bottles
  • 【General Gun Cleaning Kit】This is the high quality deluxe gun cleaning set for all guns (rifles, shotguns & handguns).With our gun cleaning supplies kit, you can clean no matter what kind of gun.Each accessory is marked with the model code of the applicable spray gun, you can choose the appropriate spray gun cleaning accessories according to the spray gun type.
  • 【All in One Cleaning Accessories】Contains 6 solid brass gun rods for multiple gauges and calibers; 12 spear pointed gun jags; 9 mops; 14 bronze brushes; 3 muzzle guards; 3 utility brushes (brass, nylon, iron); 4 slotted patch loops; 3 accessory adapters; 100 cleaning patches; 1 plastic hook; 1 brass power jag; 2 oil bottles (empty).
  • 【Upgraded Brass Material】Our accessory tines, slotted tips, adapters and cleaning rods are made of high-quality brass, strong and wear-resistant.For different parts of the gun, we have carefully designed 3 kinds of brushes with different bristles (brass brush, nylon brush and iron brush) with different materials to prevent damage to the gun.
  • 【Lightweight Carrying Case】Carrying handles increase the convenience of packaging and carrying.The suitcase holds all components keep neat and organized in the lightweight durable plastic case, makes the parts easy to store.The suitcase shell is equipped with a safety buckle can be fixed case to protect the accessories.Whether going hunting or going travelling, our gun cleaning kit will be a good partner for you, it's also a perfect gift for Gun lovers.
  • 【Satisfaction Guarantee】Quality, durability & customer support are our top priorities, we promise the 30-day money back and 180-day quality warranty. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will fast and friendly customer service within 24 hours.Choose us, you will get more.
Bestseller No. 5
Krome Gun Center Toolbox, Universal and All-Inclusive 66 Piece Gun Cleaning Kit for Handguns/Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns, Organizer with 3 Trays, Sliding Doors and Divider Compartments, Black/Red
  • 66 Piece Set - Handguns / Rifles and Shotguns
  • Two 3-Piece Cleaning Rods for (.22 - .30) and (Shotgun)
  • Four Brass Slotted Tips (.22, .270, .30, Shotgun)
  • Polymer Muzzle Guards for Each of the Cleaning Rods
  • Bronze Bore Brushes, Cotton Swab Brushes, and Brass Jags from .22 Caliber to 12 Guage

Gun Cleaning Kit Buyer’s Guide

As a first-time firearm owner, the thought of cleaning your gun might seem intimidating. After all, whenever we don’t know how to do something, it leads to fear, and that’s okay. However, cleaning your gun is easy, and there are thousands of tutorials on YouTube, showing you how to clean your firearm correctly.

When selecting the best gun cleaning kit, you need equipment that’s caliber-specific and suitable for cleaning your weapon. Don’t choose gun cleaning kits not ideal for your caliber, or it might end up damaging the gun.

In this section, we’ll look at the reasons why you need to clean your gun and the tools required to do the job.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Gun?

Every firearm owner needs to clean their weapons and keep them in excellent working conditions. If you fail to clean your pistol, it’s going to result in disastrous problems that could lead to injury or death. Every time you shoot your loaded gun, the cartridge combusts the gun powder, sending the projectile towards the target.

However, the powder blast debris gets all over the inside of the barrel and the muzzle. If you’re going for a heavy day on the range, you’ll need to clean your gun after your session.

If you fail to clean the gun, the fouling on the barrel’s interior and the slide starts to accumulate, causing issues with loading and firing the weapon. As a result, your gun becomes prone to problems like squib loads and misfires.

The buildup of powder debris inside the pistol starts to cause issues with the springs, firing pin, gas system, action, and the chamber. Some guns like Glocks have a better reputation for better service life between cleanings, allowing you to operate the gun without cleaning it for extended periods.

However, a dirty gun reduces your accuracy and wears your gun’s internals faster than a well-maintained firearm.

What Should I Look for in the Best Gun Cleaning Kit?

When assessing a gun cleaning kit, there are a few components you need to look for in a prospective model. Some kits come with dedicated cleaning for pistols, while others come as complete kits for maintaining all types of firearms, including shotguns and rifles.

Universal cleaning kits refer to kits suitable for cleaning all calibers of firearms. Therefore, if you pick up a universal pistol cleaning kit, you can expect it to come with bore brushes to suit calibers from .22 up to .45ACP.

Some gun cleaning kits come with popular calibers and might only offer cleaning brushes for 9mm / / .40S&W, and 45ACP. Other kits might only contain cleaning equipment for a specific caliber, like the 9mm.

Your kit needs to feature all the necessary cleaning equipment for the proper maintenance of your firearm. There are many components of a good kit, and we’ll unpack them in this section.

What are the Essential Tools I Need in the Best Gun Cleaning Kit?

  • Bronze Barrel Brush – These brushes help to remove the heavy-set residue from the gun. The barrel brushes sweep the barrel and chamber clean, and the brush’s quality determines the quality of the finish. Bronze won’t scratch the barrel of damage to the rifling. Choose a kit with bronze brushes suited to your caliber.
  • Nylon Brush – This tool is excellent for cleaning the more sensitive areas of the firearm. If you own a polymer gun like a Glock, we recommend using nylon brushes to prevent scratches on the frame.
  • Bore and Gun Mops and Cleaning Swabs – Bore mops follow the bronze brush, removing any remaining residue and oil inside the barrel and chamber. Mops come in different sizes to suit your gun’s caliber, and it’s a good idea to wash them after every cleaning session to extend the service life of your cleaning tools.
  • Cleaning Jags – These thin rods feature design and construction with brass, nickel, or plastic. You use them alongside your cleaning patches during the final stage of the cleaning process. The jags soak up any remaining oil or dirt before you move onto the final stage of cleaning your gun. Make sure you use new cleaning patches every time you clean your weapon.
  • Cleaning Swabs – You mount these small pieces of cotton onto the cleaning jags to clean the barrel of your firearm. Every cleaning kit includes a few swabs, but you’re probably going to need to buy spares in the future. Fortunately, they are readily available from gun stores.
  • Slotted-Tip Swab Holder – This tool is an alternative to the cleaning jag. You insert the patch into the slotted top of the cleaning tools. These swab holders are cheaper than traditional cleaning jags, but they aren’t as user-friendly.
  • Utility Brush – Look for sets with nylon, copper, and brass brushes. The brushes will have a toothbrush’s appearance, and they are the primary tool used in the cleaning of your pistol. You use the brushes on the gun’s exterior to remove any residue on the muzzle and slide.
  • Cleaning Rod – Cleaning rods are a vital part of the best gun cleaning kit. The rods come in several sizes to suit barrel length, and some models come with rods that screw together to let you get into rifle and shotgun barrels.
  • Cleaning Solvents – The fouling from the debris is challenging to remove from the barrel and slide components. Therefore, you’ll need the assistance of a cleaning solution. Most firearms maintenance kits come with cleaning solvents designed specifically to get rid of gun powder residue.
  • Lubrication Oils – After cleaning your firearm, you need to lubricate it to keep the working parts in order. Oil provides a smooth action for your gun’s mechanical components, reducing friction, loading problems, and misfires.
How to clean a gun
How to Clean a Gun Guide: Complete Guide for New Gun Owners

Gun Cleaning Kit FAQs

Will I need extra parts for my gun cleaning kit?

Some gun cleaning kits come with the basics and require you to ad parts like swabs and snake hoses. However, you’ll only need those items as your collection grows. As a new firearms owner, you can get away with a smaller kit to start, and add onto it as your collection gets bigger.

Do I need a license to buy a gun cleaning kit?

No, you do not need a license to buy a gun cleaning kit in any state.

How often must I clean my gun?

We recommend cleaning your gun after every visit to the range or tactical training session. If you only shot a few rounds out of your weapon, it’s probably going to be okay for a while.

Eventually, a buildup of debris inside the barrel and slide starts to cause a problem, and you run the risk of loading or firing malfunctions. Cleaning your gun as often as possible is the best strategy for optimal firearms maintenance.

As a rule of thumb, don’t fire more than 100-rounds before cleaning your firearm.

Where should I buy my gun cleaning kit?

Most new firearms owners walk out of the gun shop without thinking about buying a cleaning kit. That’s okay; it’s not your fault. The guy behind the counter should have offered you a kit – but they’re terrible salespeople.

Fortunately, you can buy gun cleaning kits online legally, with no need for a license. We recommend picking up your equipment from Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer.

Amazon has a great range of products and the best prices. You get buyer protection on your order and free shipping for Prime members. Amazon also offers customer hassle-free returns for a risk-free purchase.

Gun Cleaning Kits – The Verdict

By now, you should have a good idea of the best gun cleaning kit to suit your firearm maintenance needs.

There are options in this review for any caliber pistol, and a few kits for cleaning rifles and shotguns. The equipment you choose should match your needs currently, and those in the future. If you’re thinking of collecting firearms, you might want to go with a more comprehensive cleaning kit.

However, if you’re having trouble settling on the best gun cleaning kit for your firearm, why not go with one of our top picks?

The Otis Technology Pistol Cleaning Kit is the best choice for pistol owners. This model is suitable for most popular pistol calibers, from 9mm to .45ACP. With Otis being one of the most reputable names in the firearms accessory industry, you get high-quality components.

The Gerber Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit is a great choice for 9mm owners. As the most popular caliber pistol in the United States, this 9mm kit will be a great choice for first-time gun owners. You get everything you need for the proper maintenance and upkeep of your pistol, with cleaning components designed by Otis and field-tested by Gerber.

The Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Field Cleaning Kit is our top choice for the best budget cleaning kit in this review. You get a pistol cleaning kit suitable for calibers between 9mm to .45ACP, with everything you need for complete maintenance. We like the multi-tool included with this set for easy stripping of your weapon in the field. This model is the best choice for anyone on a budget, giving you a compact, affordable gun cleaning kit.


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