If you’re a hunter or sports marksman, you have an intimate relationship with bolt-action rifles. Chances are you were shooting them at a young age, and you’ve already fired thousands of rounds through dozens of firearms.

That kind of training leads to the development of muscle memory for cocking a bolt-action slide. Your body and mind operate in perfect sync when pulling back the bolt to load the firearm. Why do hunters and marksmen use bolt-action rifles? That’s a simple answer – because they are reliable.

When you pull back the bolt and lock it, you know that your trusty rifle will fire every time. Unlike semi-auto’s that might have feed or ejection issues, a bolt rifle rarely deals with mechanical or ammunition faults.

If you’re looking for a pen to take to the range to record your training result, you need equipment that’s as reliable as your rifle. A bolt-action pen utilizes the same loading action as a bolt action rifle to load the pen’s tip through the housing.

Bolt action pens lock into place, requiring you to release them manually before returning to the sheath. These pens often feature tactical design and manufacture with robust, lightweight materials. As a result, you can use these pens as weapons in self-defense situations, and as a glass-breaker in emergencies.

What do you look for in a bolt-action pen, and what are the best models available? In this review, we’ll unpack the features and benefits of the best bolt action pen.

Our Top Picks

If you need to get back to your work, then let’s save you some time with our top picks in this review. If you want the best pen we could find, one of these models will suit your needs.

Best Pick: RovyVon C10 EDC Pen

RovyVon C10 EDC Pen, Titanium, Multi-Function Utility, Schmidt Refill, Glass Breaker Military Gear Design, Perfect to Self Defense, Writing with Eco-Friendly PA Gift Box (Black)
  • 1.Easy to Carry : RovyVon Commander C10 made of Titanium and has a length of 4.905 inches and a diameter of 0.495 inches, only weighs 1.456 oz. It is convenient to use and carry.
  • 2.Get out of the Trouble : At the top of the pen, there's a ball for glass breaking and self-defense which is made from ceramics with a unique design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability and tempered window-shattering tip and rugged enough to handle the unexpected and emergency to help you get out the danger.
  • 3.Indoors and Outdoors : The pen uses a bolt action mechanism. Unique design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability. Whether you’re in your vehicle, walking outsider or working indoors, it’s convenient to make this tactical pen part of your routine equipment.
  • 4.Collection Vaule and Gift Idea : The refill of this pen is made in Germany (SCHMIDT P 900), writes in all conditions. Equipped with an ink cartridge and a fine craftsmanship, it can also be used for collection. You can give it to your family members and friends as a gift.
  • 5.Cost-Effective : A natural titanium C10 multi-functional impromptu tactical pen with an eco-friendly PA ink cartridge, writing and self -saving. 100% Quality Guarantee and 12 months warranty, buy with confidence.

The RovyVon comes in an attractive chassis with a tactical look and feel. Featuring design and construction with titanium, and a rugged grip design, the RovyVon C10 is our top choice in this review. You get multiple tactical functionalities with this pen, including a glass-breaker ball on the top. The sliding bolt action locks in place, and we like the wearing fade design of the titanium chassis for a weathered look.

Premium Pick: Nitecore NCNTP30

NITECORE NTP30 Titanium Bidirectional Bolt Action Tactical Pen with LumenTac Organizer
  • BOLT ACTION- The NTP30 features a unique bolt action mechanism allowing you to select the tungsten tip for breaking glass or the German ink refill for waterproof and fade resistant writing.
  • HIGH QUALITY WRITING - A premium German-made gel ink refill and stainless steel tip offer smooth writing that is quick-drying, waterproof, and fade resistant in harsh weather conditions.
  • TACTICAL PEN FOR PERSONAL SAFETY – Tungsten steel tapered tip functions as an effective glass breaker to smash windows and can also be used to mark on almost any material.
  • COMPACT & DURABLE - The NTP30 is constructed from an titanium alloy that offers lightweight ruggedness with an excellent resistance to impact and corrosion. Weighing only 0.95 ounces and measuring less than 6 inches in length the NTP30 is designed for everyday carry.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS - NITECORE NTP30 tactical pen and Lumen Tactical Organizer

If you’re looking for an attractive and classy pen, this Nitecore model features design and construction with polished TC4 titanium alloy for strength and a professional finish. You get a tungsten glass breaker tip at the top of the pen, and the locking bolt system for the tip. The subtle grip rings on the pen help with writing and handling the pen in tactical self-defense situations. Compatible with German Schneider Pen refills.

Budget Pick: SmotherPro Solid Brass Bolt Action Pen

SMOOTHERPRO Solid Brass Bolt Action Pen with Extra Refill Hexagonal Six Edge Hollow Out Grip for Pocket EDC Color Natural
  • Constructed with high grade solid brass; unbreakable & balanced weight for long time writing and holding, reducing fatigue of your hand while writing.
  • Finely CNC machined body and threads for long life support, a decent expensive brass pen for your own use or give to friends or family as pen gift.
  • Well buffed to avoid potential cut during your EDC use with unsurpassed quality control, keyring included for easier EDC carry without leaving behind.
  • Standard refills are commonly used in this pen and you can get anywhere super easy to exchange refills. Widely compatible with Fisher Space Pen SPR4 refill, compatible with Parker refill and other similar refills. Search ASIN: B0936P1YBH for extra refills from SMOOTHERPRO.
  • Search SMOOTHERPRO for more CNC machined pens, titanium pens, brass pens, carbon fiber pens, fountain pens and other unique pens. Our designers are outdoor pros and experts that our products are designed based on actual demands and needs; also, we hear voices from our customers everyday and provide solutions for their concerns time to time; your shopping experience is super important and we provide quality & timly delivery gurantee!!

The SmootherPro solid brass bolt-action pen is an excellent choice for our best budget model in this review. The pen comes with a price tag under $20 and a genuine brass finish that feels like you’re handling an ammo casing. The bolt-action on the pen is pronounced. The lower half of the stock of the pen features drilled holes that resemble a ported barrel on a firearm, and they provide excellent grip too.

Bolt Action Pen Reviews

Now that you have an idea of our top models let’s unpack them in further detail. We’ll look at some other bolt-action pens that are close contenders for the top spot.

RovyVon C10 EDC Pen – The Best Overall Bolt Action Pen

From the moment you receive your RovyVon C10 bolt-action pen, it’s a high-quality experience. The pen comes in a tactical carry case, with a padded foam interior housing the pen. The locking case is durable black plastic, with the company branding, and impressive design quality.

Opening the case reveals the tactical bolt-action pen. This model runs with Schmidt P900 ink refills, and it’s an entirely functional pen. The ergonomic design of the chassis sits comfortably in your hand, with a delicate balance making it easy to write on any surface.

The grip grooves on this model provide plenty of finger traction and help control the pen in a self-defense situation. You get a titanium clip included, allowing you to keep the pen available on your body always.

The top of the pen features a ceramic striker ball you can use to smash car windows in an emergency. The striker ball also acts as a blunt-force weapon to subdue an attacker with strikes to the face, throat, and temple.

This pen weighs less than 1.5-ounces, making it a lightweight EDC pen for both tactical and functional purposes. The pen gets its lightweight nature from the titanium construction, providing exceptional strength while reducing weight.

When you purchase the C10, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

  • Features design and construction with a titanium chassis
  • Secure bolt-action
  • Glass striker tip
  • Good grip design
  • Color fades with age for a weathered look
  • Comes with an EDC case
  • Not for those that don’t appreciate a weathered look

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Nitecore NCNTP30 – The Best Premium Bolt Action Pen

Nitecore is a premium brand in the home security and self-defense industry. They have a wide range of tactical equipment available for citizens looking to improve their safety and security. This company has some innovative products, and we like the NCNTP30 bolt-action pen they have in the range.

This pen features a bi-directional bolt slide lock mechanism that feels like you’re loading a .22-caliber rifle. The clean action and high-quality presentation of this pen are excellent. Precision-made from machined TC4 titanium, and running German Schneider pen refills, this model is functional and aesthetic.

The overall look of this pen has a high-quality professional look. You would think that this pen is as comfortable signing million-dollar contracts in the board room as it is protecting your life in the streets. The rear of the pen features a tungsten striker tip for shattering car windows in an emergency. The tungsten is almost as hard as diamond and has no issues with shattering thick glass.

The smooth finish of the pen might be concerning to some—however, the thin grooves at the front of the pen supply surprising grip. However, if the pen is wet, you might experience grip issues. The titanium alloy finish is corrosion-resistant, with a total length of just under 4-inches.

  • Polished titanium finish
  • Tungsten tapered tip for glass breaking
  • Bi-directional bolt loading design
  • Lightweight and functional
  • Professional look
  • Premium Price

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SmootherPro Solid Brass Bolt Action Pen – The Best Budget Bolt Action Pen

This SmootherPro bolt-action pen wins our top spot for the best budget pen in this review. This model retails for less than $20, and it has a classy, brass finish that’s aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for an affordable and function bolt-action pen, this model is a great choice.

Starting at the top of the pen, you get a striker tip that smashes through a toughened glass window in vehicle accidents. The tip also features a loop for attachment to a lanyard or keychain to prevent loss.

The hexagonal shaft features drilled holes towards the front of the pen. The effect gives the pen the look of a ported firearm barrel – and it helps with gripping the pen in a combat situation.

The brass design of the pen is fantastic, and it handles Fisher, Parker, and Schneider refills. This model is a great choice for professional work situations and self-defense. The Brass finish gives it the look of an ammunition casing.

The pronounced bolt action on this model looks like it belongs in a .22-cal rifle, and you’re half expecting a cartridge to pop out when racking the pen for the first time. Overall, you can’t beat the value you get with this pen. The price, the build, and the materials are all top quality, and it’s a firm contender for the best bolt-action pen in this review.

  • Solid brass construction
  • Oversized bolt action
  • Ported barrel grip design
  • Striker tip and lanyard chain
  • Budget Price
  • Refills tend to leak easily

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GP 1945 Bolt Action Pen LITE

The GP 1945 bolt-action pen LITE is a great example of an affordable and functional tactical pen that works in the office and on the streets. This pen features a machined-aluminum chassis, featuring a strike plate and a two-tone emergency whistle in the rear.

The front of the pen has a bevel allowing for better control during writing, and four deep grooves with knurling for better grip when writing, and when holding in a tactical grip. The bolt-action design of the pen sits mid-way down the chassis, unlike most other models that have the slide at the top of the pen.

You get a sturdy clip, allowing you to carry this pen on your wherever you go. Clip it into your pants or shirt pocket, or stow it somewhere close on your rucksack for emergencies. The GP 1945 comes in two colors – Jetblack and aluminum. The jet-black model has a more tactical look, whereas the aluminum model can fit around the board table at any business meeting.

  • Integrated glass-breaker tip and an emergency whistle
  • Lightweight aluminum design and construction
  • Knurled grip with measurement sections
  • Mid-locking bolt-action
  • Functional and well-balanced for work
  • We would like to see this model in a titanium finish

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Refyne EP1 Bolt-Action Pen

If you’re looking for a tactical pen with a subtle appearance, the Refyne EP1 is an excellent choice. This model features an elegant, sleek design from end-to-end. The check-mark slide and bolt assembly are innovative, with a bronzed barrel adding some color to the chassis’s jet-black appearance.

The pen measures a total length of 115-mm x 10-mm in diameter, making it the size of your average pen you would expect to find at the office. However, with the Refyne EP1, you get polished titanium chassis, available in matte black or gun-metal finishes. The strength of titanium makes it ideal for tactical and rescue situations.

You get custom Torx T6 hardware in this pen, and the bolt assembly will last a lifetime. The minimalist design and ultra-compact look make this model an excellent choice for business people looking for a classy pen they can take to work.

However, the only gripe we have with this model is a lack of grip. We would like to see at least one stippling strip up the pen’s length to help with grip in tactical situations.

  • Sleek and clean design
  • V-style bolt-locking action
  • Polished titanium and PVD coated design
  • Gun-metal or black finishes
  • Built to handle the black Schmidt easyFLOW 9000-M Refills
  • Removable clip
  • Lacks any grip knurling for traction

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WE Knife Co. TP-02C

The We Knife Co. makes some fantastic knives, and we have a few of them in our collection. When they posted on social that they were releasing the new TP-02c, we had to check it out. This pen features an innovative design, and from a distance, it somewhat resembles an artillery round.

The front of the pen features a traditional design, with rounded grooves and a low profile to assist your grip when writing. The slender neck starts to open into a box-style shaft with plenty of deep grooves on the chassis’ edges.

This pen comes in an anodized tactical black or office silver finish. You get an all-titanium chassis that’s durable and corrosion-resistant, while still maintaining a non-tactical look for use. The look, finish, and feel of the We Knife Co. TP-02c match precisely what we would expect from this brand in terms of quality and finish.

This company has decades of experience manufacturing some of the best CNC-made knives, with durable materials and high-quality blades. The new bolt action tactical pen is a good extensi0on of the We Knife Co. legacy, giving them a new product in a new market.

The bolt action slide on this model looks like what you would find on a scaled-down rifle, and the pen clip comes bolted down like a MOS slide on a Glock.

  • CNC-machined finish
  • Integrated striker tip with glass-breaker
  • Suitable for a self-defense weapon
  • Impressive design with narrow point and handle
  • Plenty of traction and grip
  • Striker tip for glass-breaking
  • Not as attractive a design as other pens in this review

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Böker Plus KID cal .50 Brass

Rounding off the review, we have the Böker Plus KID cal .50 Brass bolt-action pen. This model has a .50-cal chassis, made from genuine brass for an authentic look. At a distance, this is another model that we think has a design element that includes ammunition for real firearms.

This model’s brass look is our favorite finish, but this bolt-action pen is available in carbon-fiber, titanium, and aluminum options. The robust bolt action on the end of the pen looks rugged and has a firearm-style finish.

The pen comes with a built-in belt or pocket clip to keep the pen securely on your person.

The lower shaft design of this model suits people that prefer writing with a thicker pen. However, you get plenty of traction thanks to the subtle grooves machined into this model’s shaft.

  • Solid brass construction
  • Has a visual appearance similar to a large rifle round
  • Comes in a variety of materials from brass to titanium and carbon-fiber
  • Robust bolt action in the top of the pen
  • Excellent grip for self-defense situations
  • Compatible with Fisher Space Pen refills
  • It takes some time to break in the bolt action

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
NITECORE NTP31 Bolt Action Tactical Pen with Tungsten Steel Glass Breaker and LumenTac Organizer
  • UNIQUE TACTICAL PEN DESIGN - Nitecore NTP31 sports a three-position bolt action design that allows you to pop out either the tungsten tip for breaking glass or the pen tip for writing, or retract both for every carry.
  • HIGH QUALITY WRITING - A premium German-made gel ink refill and stainless steel tip offer smooth writing that is quick-drying, waterproof, and fade resistant in harsh weather conditions.
  • WINDOW BREAKER FOR EMERGENCY – The tungsten steel tapered tip can function as an effective glass breaker to smash windows in an emergency. Its hardness is only second to that of diamonds.
  • DESIGNED FOR EDC - constructed from aluminum alloy that offers lightweight ruggedness with an excellent resistance to impact and corrosion. Weighing only 0.7 oz and measuring less than 5.5 inches in length, the NTP31 is a great addition to your edc collection.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS - Nitecore NTP31 pen and LumenTac Organizer
Bestseller No. 2
SMOOTHERPRO Bolt Action Pen with Tungsten Side 3 Colors for EDC Pocket Color Black(TP156)
  • Constructed with unbreakable aircraft aluminum metal alloy 6061-T6 material, balanced weight for writing and holding.
  • Standard refills are commonly used in this pen and you can get anywhere super easy to exchange refills. Widely compatible with Fisher Space Pen SPR4 refill, compatible with Parker refill and other similar refills. Search ASIN: B0936P1YBH for extra refills from SMOOTHERPRO.
  • Well buffed to avoid potential cut during your EDC use with extra strong pocket clip; Tungsten side is used for glass breaker and tact entry. Finely CNC machined body and threads for long life support, a decent tact pen with bolt action mechanism for your own use or give to friends or family as pen gift.
  • Search our brand for more of pens like CNC machined pens, gel pens, titanium pens, brass pens, carbon fiber pens, fountain pens and other unique pens. Our designers are outdoor pros and experts that our products are designed based on actual demands and needs; also, we hear voices from our customers everyday and provide solutions for their concerns time to time; your opinion is super important to us!
  • Ideal metal gift pens for mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, boss, schoolmate, girlfriend, boyfriend, worker, broker, teacher, clerk, lawyer, teacher, brainworker and whoever else you care about because this is an everyday carry pen with beautiful matte finish, steady and smooth writing. It comes with a high quality gift box.
Bestseller No. 3
SMOOTHERPRO Solid Brass Bolt Action Pen Compatible with Pilot G2 Refill Stainless Steel Clip Hexagonal Six Edge Grip for Pocket Business EDC Signature Color Bronze(PT636)
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: This pen is made from solid brass bar with durable stainless steel pen clip; weight and size balanced to make it an excellent EDC writing tool. Well buffed barrel is to ensure great comfort of holding and writing at your daily use to avoid skipping, blotching and aching that you never want to leave behind.
  • REFILL: This bolt action (PREGLUED BOLT, BUT ADD SOME THREAD GLUE TO THE THREAD OF BOLT IF YOU NOTICE ANY SIGN OF LOOSE BOLT) pen is specially designed and compatible with Pilot G2 Gel Refill, which provide you an excellent writing experience with gel refill and also, the refill is easy to get online and supermarket. The pre-installed refill in this Pen is G2 Gel Fine Point Refill, line size 0.5mm.
  • FIDGET FUNCTION: Super smooth bolt action design for retracting refill to avoid the mess-up your pocket, notebook or backpack by gel ink; also, the bolt action is a great fidget gadgets when you are stressed at design or daily work, the bolt action function will help you to reduce the stress.
  • ELEGANT PEN GIFT FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Amazing gift set for outdoor pros, coworker, family members, friends, EDC and a decent multiple purpose writing product for collectors as well; the quality of workmanship, treatment, design, material and other details is premium as well as super easy to use, this pen will make you different for writing in public and an ideal backup product in car or your backpack.
  • A BRAND YOU CAN COUNT ON: Search our brand for more of our pens like CNC machined pens, titanium pens, brass pens, carbon fiber pens, fountain pens and other unique pens. Our designers are outdoor pros and experts that our products are designed based on actual demands and needs; also, we hear voices from our customers everyday and provide solutions for their concerns time to time; your opinion is super important to us!
SaleBestseller No. 4
BASTION Bolt Action Pen | Stainless Steel | Luxury Executive Ballpoint Pen for Men & Women | Ink Refillable Retractable Office Business Writing Pen | Metal Fine Point EDC Pocket Pen
  • PREMIUM ‘BOLT ACTION’ RETRACTABLE BALLPOINT PEN: Functional and elegant status symbol, CNC machined, and literally made to last for generations. Our extremely satisfying ‘bolt action’ mechanism provides a secure lock without parts that wear out.
  • REFILLABLE REPLACEABLE METAL-BARRELLED CARTRIDGE: For cartridge replacement, use Parker QUINKflow Ballpoint Pen Fine Tip Refill, exclusively.
  • EDC EMERGENCY SELF-DEFENSE TOOL | GLASS BREAKER: Our pen is made of 100% genuine stainless steel. A very convenient self-defense tool you can take anywhere without intimidating anybody.
  • BASTION SIGNATURE LUXURY WORKMANSHIP: Our premium ballpoint pen is available in two different styles. An all stainless steel pen for a clean, sophisticated look. A carbon fiber and stainless pen for a high-tech, professional look.
  • BUY RISK-FREE: Your happiness is always our top priority. We’ve backed our bolt action pen with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please do reach out to us in case of any issues and we’ll quickly do all we can to make it right.
Bestseller No. 5
WELLDO Tactical Bolt Action Ballpoint Pen with Emergency Glass Breaker Color Gold EDC Pocket Pen Military Design Signature Pen Office Pen Outdoor Defence(Gold)
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum Body, Precise cutting craft, CNC machined body and threads for long life support. Balanced weight for writing and holding. Lightweight but burly.
  • The Glass Breaker Tip made of Tungsten Steel. You can break the glass very easily with this pen when you encounter emergency. There is an o-ring locate inside to make the pen waterproof.
  • Standard refills are commonly used and you can get replace the refill very easy or buy in our shop. 1 extra refill in the package. 3 colors for your choice.
  • Proper weight and anti-skip grip design ensures a reliable writing experience, strong pocket clip and precise processing promotes long-term use.
  • Ideal metal gift pens for your friends, family, Classmate, Colleague and whoever else you care about. This is an everyday carry pen with pretty matte finish and heavy duty. It comes with a high quality gift box.

Bolt Action Pen Buyer’s Guide

What are you looking for in a bolt action pen? Why do you need one of these pens in your range bag or car?

In this section, we’ll look at all the top benefits of owning bolt-action pens, and what you need to look for in a top model.

The History of Bolt Action Tactical Pens

Back in the 1960s, Soke Takayuki Kubota, a Japanese national, invented the world’s first EDC survival keychain weapon. Soke called the subtle but lethal weapon, the “Kubotan.” The small, pen-shaped attachment to your keychain features one striker end at the bottom, and two finger-prongs further up the shaft.

The Kubotan is still a popular weapon, and many Japanese Ninjutsu classes incorporate the use of the Kubotan in self-defense strategies. This striking weapon set the tone for other handheld weapons with a subtle tactical appearance.

The bolt-action tactical pen is a new generation of function handheld weapons. Use it to sign contracts or disable an attacker – These pens have functionality for both scenarios. You can think or the bolt-action tactical pen as a modern variant of the Kubotan, with an ink cartridge.

For once, we can say that the pen truly is mightier than the sword.

Why are Bolt-Action Pens Popular?

Bolt-action pens are becoming popular for the versatility they offer the user. With a bolt-action pen, you have a writing and survival device in one instrument. With a bolt-action pen, you get a sturdy chassis consisting of materials like titanium and striking points on either side of the pen.

Regardless of whether you’re an executive or a prepper, a bolt-action pen belongs in your briefcase or gear bag. A bolt-action tactical pen is the ideal, inconspicuous weapon to take with you anywhere you go, from home to the office or the range.

With so many models available at a wide range of price points, bolt-action pens are useful to own. You can pick up a model to suit any budget, with plenty of designs – from tactical to professional.

How Do You Use an Action-Bolt Pen for Self Defense? – The Do’s and Don’ts

A bolt-action pen is a useful addition to your EDC setup. Along with your firearm, tourniquet, knife, and flashlight adding a bolt-action pen into the mix give you one more protection layer. A bolt-action pen comes with a sturdy shaft and a deadly point that locks into position.

These pens can deliver a lethal blow to the throat or temples, especially with the pointed end. While these pens are effective weapons, they mostly go under the radar of security personnel. You can take them into areas where you can’t get your firearm or knife for protection.

It’s essential to bear in mind that these less-lethal instruments can still present a severe threat. You always need to ensure the safe use and full control of the weapon. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to consider when using your bolt-action pen.

DO – Carry the Pen Somewhere Handy

As with any weapon, you need it readily available if you’re going to use it in a surprise attack. There’s no point in having it laying in the bottom of your backpack. These pens come with clips that allow easy carrying on the edge of your pants pocket for quick reach.

DON’T – Rely on the Pen as Your Only Weapon

While bolt-action pens are a durable and effective weapon, they aren’t useful in all combat situations. Remember, the best option for survival in an attack situation is to run away if you can and call for help.

DO – Use the Functionality of the Pen in Self-Defense Situations

A bolt-action pen is an effective weapon in a hand-to-hand combat situation. However, it’s important to note that your training plays the primary role in overcoming a threat – not the weapon. Just because you have a tactical pen, doesn’t mean that you know how to use it. Take a training course or look up techniques on YouTube.

DON’T – Think You Can Make Tactical Attacks with Normal Pens

Bolt-action pens have robust and rugged chassis, suitable for hand-to-hand combat. However, don’t think that you can pull off the same moves with a regular pen. The forces involved with trying to penetrate the skin with a normal pen might shatter your soft tissue, causing a nasty injury to your hand.

DO – The Double Tap Attack

Bolt-action pens are suitable for self-defense situations where you’re attacker doesn’t have any weapons. You can strike their face and soft tissues using the pen, and rake the skin or face using the pointed end. The double-tap attack involves using multiple strikes in quick succession to the same area of the body.

What Do I Look for in a Bolt Action Pen?

If you think a bolt-action pen is an excellent choice for your lifestyle, why not pick one of the models in this review? If you don’t know what to look for in a bolt-action pen, use the following information to help you settle on your purchase decision.

Construction and Design

When choosing your bolt-action pen, the most crucial consideration is the material used in the pen’s design and construction. We recommend looking for metals like titanium and brass, which offer superior strength while looking aesthetically attractive.

Using these materials as the base for the pen’s chassis ensures that you get a robust and durable weapon. It’s important to remember that a bolt-action pen could end up saving your life in a self-defense situation. Therefore, you want to ensure that you get a pen with a durable design you can trust.

Texture and Grips

The grip of the pen is another vital characteristic of this subtle weapon. When you’re stabbing, racking, or even writing with the pen, you want full control over the instrument. Your grip allows you to hold onto the pen without slipping through your fingers.

Some models feature cross-hatched design on the grip, while others use different cutouts and shapes. Choose a model that feels good in your hands. We w recommend looking for a pen that’s suitable for use with and without gloves.

Knurled, non-abrasive grips are the best quality for use in pressure situations. The grip of the weapon is an essential component of the bolt-action tactical pen. You’ll need a firm grip when breaking glass or during a self-defense situation.


How many times do you think you’ve lost a pen in your life? If you’re like us, then it’s probably hundreds. You want to make sure that the same mistake doesn’t happen to your new bolt-action tactical pen. Therefore, it’s essential to look for models that offer lanyard systems or a wrist chain loop.

Look for models that include clips. The clips should feature design and construction with the same material as the shaft of the pen. Look for clips that offer secure fixing to your clothing.

Concealment and Look

When purchasing any weapon, you want to keep it as discreet as possible. Advertising that you’re carrying a weapon makes you a target, and it ruins the element of surprise you get from carrying a weapon.

The golden rule of purchasing tactical gear for civilian use – is to ensure it doesn’t have a tactical look. People don’t want to see other people walking around in para-military gear; it makes them feel nervous.

Therefore, your bolt-action pen needs to have a look and feel of a regular pen. At the same time, it needs to maintain the tactical function necessary to operate in a self-defense situation or emergency.

Bolt-Action Pen FAQs

Why should I consider a bolt-action pen?

Bolt action pens are reliable. The locking mechanism will never fail on you. It’s for this reason that they make excellent tactical weapons. The locking mechanism turns the pen into a speared point weapon you can use to attack sensitive areas on an assailant.

Can you take a bolt action pen on an airplane?

If your pen has a tactical design and the TSA agent finds it suspicious, they may confiscate the pen or ask you to stow it in your luggage that goes in the hold of the plane. Tactical pens are not allowed on planes; they are weapons that can claim lives and hold hostages in the wrong hands.

Can a tactical bolt-action pen kill someone?

Yes, a tactical bolt-action pen can kill someone. The hard glass-breaking tip or the point of the pen both act as weapons in self-defense situations. Driving the pen to the throat, eyes, and other soft areas of the body can damage a knife in some cases. However, law enforcement regards a tactical pen as a less-lethal weapon, meaning it’s legal to carry without a license.

Are tactical bolt-action pens legal in the State of California?

Yes, California does not regard a tactical bolt-action pen as a lethal weapon. Therefore, you can carry these pens on you when walking anywhere in the state.

What are the target areas for a tactical pen?

You should take a short self-defense class to use your pen in a tactical situation. The most obvious targets for your pen are the eyes, ears, temple, throat, groin, and biceps. However, learning how to strike pressure points in the back, neck, and arms of your assailant will help you in a combat situation. Remember, you’ll have to drill to get competent at handling the pen in a pressure situation.

Bolt Action Pen Reviews – The Verdict

By now, you should have a good idea of which bolt-action pen suits your needs. Whether you go for classic or tactical design is up to you. However, choose a pen that meets your requirements. If you’re going to the range, you’ll need a different style of a pen to what you carry to the office.

If you’re having trouble picking a winner, why not rely on our top picks?

The RovyVon C10 EDC Pen wins our top award for the best overall EDC bolt-action pen. This model has a robust titanium construction and tactical design that suits use in emergencies. Pack it into your gear bag and head to the range.

The Nitecore NCNTP30 is a premium option for the businessperson that needs a pen for signing contracts and smashing windows. This Nitecore model offers you the perfect bridge between professional and tactical use.

The SmootherPro Solid Brass Bolt Action Pen is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. At less than $20, this pen is affordable and functional.


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