///   6 Ways to Maintain a Nomad Life

URBEX: Canals of Bangkok, Thailand /// VinjatekA constantly mobile lifestyle is exciting and full of adventure but requires special ways to maintain it as suppose to a stationary one.

You’re a nomad, a wanderer – just like me. You roam the desert and I roam the world. What’s the difference between us?

-Linda Ruth Horowitz

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Living nomadically isn’t a long holiday but an actual way of living and these are some ways to maintain it.

Times Square, New York City ///

New York City, USA

Location Independent Job

Careers that doesn’t require you to be in a central location have been around forever. Now it’s more common and a much easier path to obtain; web professions, consulting, design etc. This is the holy grail of being a modern nomad. No other way affords such freedom with self-sufficiency.

Digital nomad” is a relatively new term for vagabonds that leverage technology as their work that can be done anywhere in the world.

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24 Hours at The Airport /// VINJABOND

Boracay, Philippines


It can be argued that expats aren’t exactly nomads and in most cases they’re not as they generally commit to a relatively long-term job abroad then return home. But in some cases, expats work so they can travel, not travel so they can work like the average expat.

These “expat nomads” still commit to an actual job abroad but continuously find new opportunities around the world.

PRO TIP :   For native English speakers, teaching this language as a legitimate job (even without a TEFL) is fairly easy to be accepted for in many parts of the world.

Mount Batur descent /// Vinjabond

Mount Batur, Indonesia

Odd Jobs

Finding random jobs while traveling the world merely to sustain basic living requirements is actually quite common amongst nomads. Most of these jobs are expectedly low paying, trivial and with a high turnaround.

Despite this, it can be quite an interesting experience in itself working in an exotic country.

PRO TIP :   Hostels hire (for short term) trust-worthy guests to work there for free stays and food. Although money is rarely offered, nomads always enjoy it.

Backpacking Taxi Ride to Haad Beach in Koh Phangan - John Cain Vagabonding

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Voluntourism //

Whether you wish to volunteer abroad for charitable or wanderlust reasons, with some thorough planning and effort, it could be an effective way to see the world.

It’s not about leisure or getting free meals and a place to stay, however. It’s a profound learning experience with a touch of adventure that happens help people.

PRO TIP :   The “better” the volunteer program is abroad, the more difficult to be accepted into it. But there are many legit opportunities for everyone.

Lunch on a Mountain in Bali, Indonesia // Vinjatek

Bali, Indonesia

Relying on Others

By this I mean traveling the world with little to no money of your own – asking friends and strangers to basically support you in all manners of living. In not so kind but accurate terms, a bum or a beggar. I only add this as one of the ways of maintaining a nomad life because there are an alarming amount of travelers that do this.

These nomads rely on the people they meet along the way to feed them and house them as if it’s the right thing to do.

PRO TIP :   This is not the same as Couchsurfing or borrowing a few dollars, this is basically taking advantage of the kindness of good people.

Penang Jungle Bridge Trekking /// Vinjatek

Penang, Malaysia


What if companies paid you or the expenses to travel the world in exchange for a bit of brand recognition? Sounds like a dream but it does happen, such as yours truly. Just like professional athletes, you won’t be sponsored until you become successful and popular – in this case, travel.

If there’s a company or product related to travel that you really like, it could be a great complement to a nomad life to be sponsored.

PRO TIP :   To get on the radar of potential sponsors, start a travel blog, write great content with even better photos.

Digital Nomad Office on Gili Meno Island, Indonesia /// Vinjatek

[The featured photo was taken in Bangkok.]

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