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10 Ways Traveling The World Can Enhance You /// Vinjabond


10 Ways Traveling The World Can Enhance You

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool in Singapore /// VinjatekIf the world is a textbook, then never leaving your hometown or your corner of the world is like reading just 1 page and living with less potential.

That’s why traveling the world is much more than a long vacation and beyond an adventurous journey, it’s an evolving and enlightening learning experience.

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

-Mary Ritter Beard

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A Day in The Life of a Vagabond: Tokyo /// Vinjatek

Tokyo, Japan

You Will REALLY Know People

The world is so diverse that merely going over to the next town than your own you will find a slightly different people. This cultural diversity only gets wider and deeper the further you get.

Traveling the world gives you the unique experience to show you how the different peoples of the world really are. Then and only then will you truly know the human element.

Backpackers at a Pool Party in Luang Prabang, Laos /// Vagabonding - VINJABOND

Luang Prabang, Laos

You Will Communicate Universally

You don’t need to become fluent in the language of every country you visit to function in them but merely trying to communicate in the slightest ways will make you adept to any form of communication. Whether it be full languages, simple phrases, slang or even physical expressions.

Imagine your communicative skills in your own language to your own people after traveling the world.

Lounging on Lawn Chairs in South Beach, Miami // VAGABONDING

Miami, Florida

You Will Learn Patience

Long term travel around the world consists of lots of waiting; buses, trains, visas, customs, flights etc. While at home, everything is relatively predictable. But while in foreign and often underdeveloped countries, waiting for long periods of time for sometimes basic things become common.

After a while, you will appreciate that saying, “patience is a virtue”.

Visa Run From Thailand to Laos via The Mekong River /// VINJABOND

Mekong River, Thailand

You Will Master Personal Logistics

Just a fancy way of saying knowing how to travel in a variety of ways. Getting to work, going to school or strolling around your hometown comes easy but it can get extremely difficult for some to even cross a busy street in an exotic country.


Haggling the Price of a Cobra Snake in Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

You Will Haggle Like a Pro

Even if you don’t care to shop at street markets and haggle for the best price for trinkets, haggling will be used whether you intended to or not as a world traveler. Being a tourist in a foreign country, you will be marked by some to charge you more for things just for being a foreigner.

This will give you great practice to not be ripped off, stand your ground and of course to get the best price possible in life in general.

Lunch on a Mountain in Bali, Indonesia // VINJABOND

Bali, Indonesia

You Will Broaden Your Tastes

Most people who stick close to home typically have the same few meals day in and day out, barely exercising their culinary palette. Traveling the world will give you the potential to be exposed to almost every possible taste humans can experience.

Other than becoming a master taster, this could also help you become a master chef.

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CORE Nano Adventure Wallet

You Will Learn to Budget Like a Master

Rich or not, the best way to experience world travel is by backpacking, AKA independent budget traveling. Learning how to budget so many different types of currencies in unknown languages for the first time will make you that much better with your own currency while at home.

This will also make you appreciate and respect money more.

Vagabonding a Cliff in Busan, Korea /// VINJABOND

Busan, Korea

You Will Know How to Live With Less

Traveling the world works best when you’re swift on your feet. This means being a minimalist and there is no better way to learn this than by being a backpacker, quite literally living out of a backpack.

The longer you do this, the less you’ll become materialistic and be more efficient with less.

Always Move With a Purpose /// Vinjatek

Georgia, USA

You Will Have Many Stories

When we reach our twilight years, all we have is our memories and stories of the past. It makes sense that the more great stories we have to share and remember, the greater the life that we lived. Great events make great stories of a great life.

Traveling the world will fill you with adventures and experiences not possible standing still in your own little bubble.

White Beach Life Guard Station at Boracay, Philippines /// VINJABOND

Boracay, Philippines

You Will Learn How The World Works

Book smarts will get you somewhere, street smarts will get you someplace and world smarts will get you everywhere else. The only way to learn how the world really works on a truly global scale is to actually travel to the different worlds we call countries.

No classroom or teacher in the world can show you the world without actually stepping all over it.

[The featured photo was taken in Singapore.]

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  1. Lori Zabel

    06/23/2015 at 5:42 AM

    Great list. Travel is the ultimate life educator!

    • Lenmo

      06/25/2015 at 3:43 AM

      I agree, but can you tell that to my parents?

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