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Why Vinjatek Doesn’t Cover Firearms /// VinjatekDespite my background and the very subject matters of this site, I don’t cover guns for one reason: firearms are inactive for my current (vagabond) lifestyle.

John Cain is an American patriot, former covert operative and active operations consultant. A New York native living globally as a vagabond and digital nomad.

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This is in response to you readers and members. I cover knives, defense tools and a variety of combat instruments but guns isn’t one of them, simply because my current way of living makes them unnecessary and legally impossible.

If I can’t take it on a commercial flight or legally carry it in whichever country I’m in, it can not be a part of my packing list. As I live out of a backpack, all my immediate possessions must be transportable.

It’s difficult enough to legally carry a gun in the entirety of the USA, internationally is even worse.

Put it this way, I’m rather in a different bed every week or a different country every month. So I can’t just pick up firearm carry licenses and permits for every region – assuming that was even possible.

I also can’t use the conventional hacks of international knife / tools transport with guns, so essentially they can’t fit in my current lifestyle at this time.

That’s the “can’t” but there’s also a “won’t”. Because there’s no need to carry a gun as an ordinary tourist just doing ordinary things. Plus, the hassle.

I’m in Cambodia now where there’s only 2 seasons; hot af and hot af with rain. That means I’m wearing these all the time and shirts are very optional.

Even blade carry is a bitch with such little cover and constant wetness, so I use a completely different method for defense carry (pro member intel) in clothing scenarios like this.

As Vinjatek is a lifestyle site based on my very own, firearms will not be covered on it, for now.

However, a time will come when I do find a spot somewhere in the world I can finally call home and end my journey as a vagabond – then I will.

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