///   Why Vinjatek Doesn’t Cover Firearms

Why Vinjatek Doesn’t Cover Firearms /// VinjatekDespite my background and the very subject matters of this site, I don’t cover guns for one reason: firearms are inactive for my current (vagabond) lifestyle.

John Cain is an American patriot, former covert operative and active operations consultant. A New York native living globally as a vagabond and digital nomad.

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This is in response to you readers and members. I cover knives, defense tools and a variety of combat instruments but guns isn’t one of them, simply because my current way of living makes them unnecessary and legally impossible.

If I can’t take it on a commercial flight or legally carry it in whichever country I’m in, it can not be a part of my packing list. As I live out of a backpack, all my immediate possessions must be transportable.

It’s difficult enough to legally carry a gun in the entirety of the USA, internationally is even worse.

Put it this way, I’m rather in a different bed every week or a different country every month. So I can’t just pick up firearm carry licenses and permits for every region – assuming that was even possible.

I also can’t use the conventional hacks of international knife / tools transport with guns, so essentially they can’t fit in my current lifestyle at this time.

That’s the “can’t” but there’s also a “won’t”. Because there’s no need to carry a gun as an ordinary tourist just doing ordinary things. Plus, the hassle.

I’m in Cambodia now where there’s only 2 seasons; hot af and hot af with rain. That means I’m wearing these all the time and shirts are very optional.

Even blade carry is a bitch with such little cover and constant wetness, so I use a completely different method for defense carry (pro member intel) in clothing scenarios like this.

As Vinjatek is a lifestyle site based on my very own, firearms will not be covered on it, for now.

However, a time will come when I do find a spot somewhere in the world I can finally call home and end my journey as a vagabond – then I will.

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Hah, I was one of those who asked! Thanks for clearing it up, makes complete sense.


Come back to the US where we still have 2nd Amendment freedom 🙂

That's BS

” Because there’s no need to carry a gun as an ordinary tourist just doing ordinary things. Plus, the hassle.”

That is an opinion that has nothing to do with other peoples threat profile or risk tolerance. Ordinary tourists have reason to protect themselves with deadly force if a criminal assault requires it. There is literally zero hassle in carrying a pocket pistol comfortably and safely on your person all year round and no matter what the heat is.

Signed by a Texan packing in 100 degree heat.

Teddy Vans

lol this fool needs to have a gun so badly that he thinks illegal firearm carry is worth it. Do you know what shit you’re in if you get caught in say Singapore or North Korea?

Also, how you gonna transport your guns overseas?


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