///   Why I Won’t Tell You How to Sneak Items Past Airport Security

Airport Security // VinjatekI started VINJABOND to share my unique experiences, skills and knowledge but there are certain things I won’t divulge for logic and ethic’s sake.

…like how to sneak items past airport security.

Due to my extensive travels and former profession, I’m asked how one would sneak prohibited or illegal items through airport security more often than I like.

-John Cain

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I get a lot of questions ranging from travel, tactical, life hacks, survival to tradecraft of which I enjoy answering. In fact, I have a post series exactly for that.

A very common question is “How do I Sneak Items Through Airport Security?“. So I felt obliged to at least respond a year ago. And yet, I still get asked.

Freedom of speech is important to me despite my former clandestine profession, not just because I’m an American and a patriot but also because I run a blog.

However, I believe there are certain things the general public should not be aware of. Such as knowing how to get weapons, controlled substances and other dangerous / illegal items on board an airplane.

Let’s start with illegal drugs. Whether it’s a small stash of personal party favors or weight for distribution, it’s just not worth it. Crossing states (USA) makes it Federal and international flights are even worse.



If you absolutely need a carry-on prohibited item with you at your destination, place it in your checked luggage if viable or mail it to yourself if legal.

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