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“I’ve taken your steps and learned how to travel ultra-light with just carryon for flights. But now it may be difficult to carry certain things for security purposes. How do I sneak or bypass small items through airport security for carry-on?”     -Anonymous


Due to my extensive travels and former profession, I’m asked how one would sneak prohibited or illegal items through airport security more often than I like.

As with any system of security, there are weaknesses, gaps and the element of human error. By deducing the deviations you can manipulate it to pass certain items unnoticed, bypassed or completely hidden.

The primary airport security process is a 3 point detection method system; X-Ray Scanners, Metal Detectors and Organic Sensors (airport staff and trained dogs). Each of these methods serve a very specific function that are highly efficient and effective.

But it’s because of that specificity you can undermine it by knowing how that function works. Consider airport security checks as if it were a maze or a puzzle and the item in question a token of the game you must get passed to the end to win.

Just a matter of point A to B.

I’m intentionally being vague on this matter.There are many trade tactics and hacks to get almost any small item past airport security but I choose not to share the specifics of this for security purposes.



The only other option is to completely bypass the airport system by shipping it via postal.

How do I Sneak Items Through Airport Security?

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  1. I have no reason to sneak stuff past airport security when I air travel but I am dead curious about those secrets lol.. But I suppose its good you don’t share too much about it.

  2. I remember when I was in high school I accidentally past weed through airport security. I realized it was in my pocket while going through. SCARY! but that was before 911. I’d never try it again.

  3. I think its good you don’t tell the world how to trick airport security, but you can tell me right ?

  4. Masa Onaki Reply

    I like how you explain it like a maze, brilliant. Just a to b.

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