This site has now been updated. It will take some time to iron out any bugs and broken pages but it’s essentially finished, thank you for your patience. Small enhancements will be continuously applied over time and old sections brought back once it’s optimized for this new design.

The premium Pro Membership sections and intel is intact and will continue to be published almost as normal. The more “restricted” and sensitive intel will now be published at [trdcrft]. This new site is fully private, requiring a membership to access due to the nature of the content.

Vinjatek will continue to produce the same sort of content but will focus more on everyday life, whereas [trdcrft] will be more professional.

All current Pro members of Vinjatek will get 50% off with the coupon below. The coupons code is only available to view if you are logged in:



For all others, feel free to use this 20% off coupon code “O5wszuehrM” in the coupon code area during registration on this page.

[trdcrft] is a new site and much of its current content was simply transferred from this site, which is what the heavy discounts are for.

Stay vigilant, slightly hungry and always thirsty.