An operative’s method of carrying and using cell phones for the purposes of security, surveillance utility and alternate strategic device functionality.

No matter who you are or what you do, the mobile phone is most likely your lifeline, not just to your actual life, but your social and professional life.

As dramatic as it may sound, a life without it would have a dramatic affect on your day-to-day lifestyle.

This is also often effectively true to an operative while active in the field, for different reasons.

It may not always be operationally pertinent but it’s almost always beneficial for countless reasons.

In any case, in this connected world, a mobile phone is in many ways the single most useful thing you can possibly carry that fits in your pocket.

Which is the purpose of this directive.

The concept is simple, always carry or have within reach at least 2 mobile phones at your disposal.

For the average person this is unnecessary but to others who need it professionally, it’s a necessity.

Also to most people, if their mobile phone is suddenly lost or inaccessible, it would be disruptive but not devastating. However, in a professional capacity, it could very well be devastating.

Dual Phone Directive Standard Purposes:

    – Loss or Theft of a Device

    – Situations Where They Take Your Device

    – Multiple Device IP Addresses

    – Entering a Place Where Phones Are Not Permissive

    – Decoy Counter-Measure Functionality

    – Improvised GPS Tracking Device

    – Multiple “Legitimate” Phone Numbers

    – In Case of a Compromised or Hacked Device

    – Device is Damaged Beyond Usability

    – Burner Phone Functionality

    – Secondary Device For Security Measures

    – A/V Diversionary Functionality

The easiest way to implement this directive is keeping your old phone when you get a new one. Have a place for it in your packing list, urban kit or extended everyday carry – on stand by, like a backup.

My primary phone is an unlocked Samsung Galaxy that I use for almost everything, my “phone-phone”.



As a habit as an operative, I still accrue SIM cards from around the world as I go through each country – to have dynamic network access.

I don’t always have both phones on my person but either one is always within reach in my loadout.

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