///   Nomad Cost of Living: February 2019

Triple Aught Design Transport Sleeve With Foreign Cuurency /// VinjatekThis is the first in a series of posts of my nomadic cost of living. Categorized and tallied on a per month basis. Currency is converted into US Dollars.

Going everywhere, sleeping anywhere and living nowhere as you please sounds as exciting as it does expensive. Actually? Sometimes exciting but hardly expensive…

-John Cain

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My lifestyle as a nomad had an estimated total cost of $1,429 for the entire month of February 2019. The locations were Hanoi in Vietnam as well as Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane in Laos. [visual]

    Nomadic Cost of Living:

– airbnb, hostels, hotels

Food & Drink
– all sustenance

– buses, tuktuks, taxis

– 3 washes

Meds & Toiletries
– migraine, contacts

– going out, alcohol

Cellular Service
– 2 sim cards

– used yamaha nuovo

– 2 full tanks

Travel Visas
– vietnam, laos

    Total     $1,429 USD

Tuk-Tuk Ride Through Vientiane, Laos /// Vinjatek

Vang Vieng Viewpoint in Laos /// Vinjatek

ATV Off Roading in Vang Vieng, Laos /// Vinjatek

No Man’s Land between Laos and Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Hanoi Bus Station in Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Bamboo Bridge in Luang Prabang, Laos /// Vinjatek

Riding a 24 Hour Sleeper Bus From Vietnam to Laos /// Vinjatek

Hiking Vang Vieng Mountain in Laos /// Vinjatek

Bus From Vientiane to Vang Vieng, Laos /// Vinjatek

This month was particularly expensive as I had to do a visa run, buy a motorbike and partied a bit too much.

[Gear: Triple Aught Design Transport Sleeve.]

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Johnny Diaz

Wow that’s still pretty cheap! In Los Angeles where I live is about $2500, but that’s just work and barely any play.


Hi John. Travel=Freedom !!!Requires more than just Money???It’s a mind set,desire,can do ,get out of the way attitude. When I was working in London and traveling frequently,mostly to the US,my work mates could not believe that I could afford to travel so much and so frequently,especially the US guys!!! I just set very stringent goals for myself,saved hard,worked out ,ate well,worked two jobs -whatever it took.Also,this was at a time when Frequent Flier Miles were actually usable for flights !!! I once flew from London to the US WITH 4USD on my person for four days and had a great… Read more »

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