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MecArmy CPL Titanium Watchband LED Flashlight

MecArmy CPLTitanium Watchband LED Light    [BUY]     The MecArmy CPL Titanium Watchband LED Light is a titanium encased flashlight to be equipped on wristwatches and MOLLE. Compact yet powerful.

[ April 17 2019 ]        

RovyVon Aurora A4 Flashlight

RovyVon Aurora A4 Titanium Flashlight /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The RovyVon Aurora A4 is an extremely powerful yet pinky sized flashlight made from titanium with an insanely bright 550 lumens max level.

[ March 18 2019 ]        

Snow Peak Hozuki Lantern

Snow Peak Hozuki Lantern /// Vinjatek     [BUY]     The Snow Peak Hozuki Lantern is a compact outdoor illumination device with simplicity and versatility in mind for when you’re out there in the dark.

[ February 26 2019 ]        

GEAR + LOADOUT ///      

[ February 08 2019 ]        

6 Incidentally Barterable Items to Pack in a Nomadic Urban Go-Bag

6 Incidentally Barterable Items to Pack in a Vagabonding Urban Go-Bag /// VinjatekThese are a list of already pertinent go-bag packing items that happen to be barterable – for emergencies and backup impromptu buying power.

[ November 15 2018 ]         DATA, GEAR, LIST, LOADOUTS, MONEY, SURVIVAL

511 Tactical Rapid L1 Flashlight

Gear List /// 511 Tactical Rapid L1 Flashlight    [BUY]     The 511 Rapid L1 Flashlight is an ultra compact yet fully rugged tactical flashlight that features quick activation / switching and agile performance.

[ October 19 2018 ]        

Gear Tactics: Backpack Strap POV Shoulder Torch Integration

Gear Tactics: Backpack Strap Shoulder Torch Integration /// VinjatekGear Tactics is a series of posts about specific tips, hacks, modification guides and best practices of nomadic operative gear and apparel.

[ May 22 2018 ]         DATA, GEAR, GUIDES, HACKS

VSSL Supplies Survival Kit : Review

VSSL Supplies Survival KitThe best survival kit is situationally custom and the VSSL Supplies is not it. But these are the finest prepackaged multipurpose mobility kits available.

[ August 06 2017 ]         DATA, GEAR, SURVIVAL

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