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The purpose of these kits are to “escape” and “evade” from capture of kidnapping or unlawful detainment. Specifically to get free from handcuffs, plastic ties, rope and other forms of forced restraints. Then if necessary, utilizing combat and or lock bypassing to persist in continued evasion and survival.

Stealth SERE Kit Item Contents /// Vinjatek

*Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape.

This kit is to be worn, not carried. It is designed for deep covert “carry” – to remain undetected under the scrutiny of a physical search but easily reachable when required.



Stealth SERE Kit /// VinjatekWhen a tool is required, pulling on it releases it for use while still being connected to the cord.

Alternately, the entire kit can be pulled out for use.

More details and an instructional to build your own Stealth SERE Kit will be published for Pro Members.

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  1. Specialist Zero Reply

    Very slick and tactical kit! I will give you mad money for this, email sent 🙂

  2. Pew Pew Blam Reply

    You should do like an auction type sale for some of your gear like this one.

  3. Brotha, you should really sell your gear, I’d pay good moolah.

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