///   Situational Awareness as a Traveler

Zhongshan Meishu Park in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekTravelers in foreign lands can enhance their efficiency, mobility and safety just by expanding and heightening their existing awareness levels.

Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation.

-Max Euwe
Chess Grandmaster

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The term “situational awareness” means strategically observing the immediate world around you to get an advantage of any scenario. Most often a tactical mindset used by the military and law enforcement.

A mindset that can be utilized by travelers for different purposes but with the same results.

The closer we are to the familiar, whether right at home town or merely in our own country, we naturally mind our surroundings on a passive level.

As suppose to when we’re on unfamiliar foreign soil, we (should) actively mind our surroundings.

When we cross a street, any street, we instinctively look left and right. That is situational awareness on the most basic level. It helps us determine if it’s safe to cross. A very simple but necessary mindset.

By actively increasing the sensory input of the details with our 5 senses that can be useful in any given situation, it can help us instinctively calculate the best, safest, or most efficient decision.

This heightened way of viewing the world is particularly useful as a foreigner in strange new worlds.

Zhongshan Meishu Park in Taipei, Taiwan /// Vinjatek

Situational Awareness at Zhongshan Meishu Park in Taipei

The very nature of traveling abroad engages our situational awareness more often and to broader levels.



Situational Awareness as a Foreign Traveler.

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