///   My Trick to Getting Out of Bed Swiftly

Waking up in The Amazon Jungle /// VinjatekWaking up is nothing as it’s effortless, but actually getting out of bed and starting the day can be a long, wasteful and difficult process… never again.

Don’t always stay in bed too long, unless you can make money in bed.

-George Burns

Depending on the circumstances of the night before going to sleep can determine your ability to remove yourself from bed after you’ve awaken.

Regardless, it’s in these moments when we’re at our consciously weakest, both physically and mentally.

If the sleep was great, then you’re serene and it feels too good to get up. Adversely, if you wake up sick or in pain, then it feels too bad to get up. Same difference.

This is why people have such a hard time getting up and on their feet to start the day, wasting precious minutes.

Waking up in The Amazon Jungle /// Vinjatek

*My Trick to Getting Out of Bed Swiftly //

Step 1 /

– As soon as you feel self-aware, do the usual in-bed waking stretches. Don’t press “snooze”, mental or machine.

Step 2 /

– Figure out the time but nothing else (if via your smartphone). Then raise one of your arms straight up in the air.

Step 3 /

– Slowly count down with your fingers from “5”. Then jump out of bed like a bat out of hell and stand on your feet after “1”.

This simple trick works because it gives you a sense of immediate urgency or a quick obtainable goal. Also, it gets your blood flowing with a shot of adrenaline.

Instead of struggling in bed trying to convince your body to start moving and once you do, it’s slothful and takes time to become fully awake.

Never miss a flight, bus, train or be late for work – at least in the matters of your own control.

Starting off your day like this is a good way to get small dashes of acquirable discipline in your daily life.

Eventually you can count down just in your head.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… UP!!!

My Trick to Getting Out of Bed Swiftly.

[The featured photo was while I was in a hammock (bed) in the Amazon Jungle.]

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