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“You can’t change the world but you can change the world around you.”     -John Cain

Weak Hand Optimization   //

Of the many shortcomings of our relatively short evolution, ambidexterity is one of them, unless you’re one of the 1 percent that can use both hands equally well.

The fact that we have hands, limbs or even entire sides of our bodies that are dominant and therefore the opposing, weaker, is a waste of our physical potential and anatomical mechanics.

I’m a righty and you’re most likely as well, meaning most of our physical actions and movements are led and articulated by the right side of our bodies but most notably our right hands and arms.

This means the other half of our bodies are greatly underutilized when it could be optimized to perform more efficiently and as a result increasing effectiveness to our entire bodies – not just limbs.

40 Ways to Train Your Weak Hand:



Encouraging more usage with your non-dominant side on a consistent basis can essentially become an effortless way to enhance your body’s functionality.

Optimizing your weak hand / side effectively increases your overall motor skill capabilities and balance.

Life Tactics: Weak Hand Optimization

[The featured photo was taken from the Taipei 101 Tower Skyscraper in Taiwan.]

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  1. My shooting instructor advises on learning to shoot with both hands, but its so much different. But makes sense, obviously.

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